Writer wanted


Im makeing a game called dark magic and i would like some one to help with the writing.


Didn’t you already post a thread on this?


nope that was about the game


I can edit… somewhat.
It’s not like I’ll have anythin’ else ta do over the holidays.


ok that what i need i will pm you


So you just need an editor, or is it that you happen to be in need of a writer to implement your ideas? I would love to help you write your CoG demo/however far my help would be needed - coding not so much though, as I have zero experience in that vicinity. Or perhaps I could help write, you could be the overseer, and @Bagelthief can be the checker of any grammatical missteps?


I don’t think it to be good for someone to have another do the writing for their game on their behalf.


im not haveing another writer doing my game on my behalf i guess i have my too people @Batinthehat i have a coder can i have a mod close this