Coder seeks Writer!

Well, I’m also a writer. But I’m one of those rare writers who doesn’t have a million and one ideas. So I’m looking for someone who does… or someone who has at least one, anyway. One idea for an awesome game. Give me your best pitch!

My preference is for fantasy or science fiction, possibly with a romantic element. My ideal co-author would be up for making a detailed outline of the game, although I’d love to brainstorm with them and hopefully help if they get stuck. I could go either way on who does the actual writing – maybe both of us? Certainly I’d like it if whoever doesn’t write a section acts as an editor, proofreading and possibly making suggestions to improve it. And of course, I’d do the coding and organize the testing.

A bit about me: I’m 33, of non-binary gender, published as a tech writer but not in fiction. I do have some unpublished (and unfinished) fiction, which I can provide samples from on request. While I don’t have much experience with ChoiceScript, I’ve done enough programming that I don’t expect to have any problems with it.

Interested? PM me! I’ll take pitches for a week – until Sunday, August 10th.

Oh bother… and I’m a Writer looking for a Coder since I can’t understand how to use ChoiceScript.

Do stay in contact, perhaps we would work well in making Sorcerer’s Legacy ^_^, However, I must first finish legacy of the assassin.

Welcome Morgan, good to have you here. I have a million and one ideas, and a whole bunch of unfinished projects, but I can’t write anymore so I’m no use to you. Hopefully you will get a project to sink your teeth into.

@Harian Persevere. You will get there eventually. I know my first attempts at choicescript were full of frustration. It did, eventually, click into place but I do still look up the wiki, and other games code to check how certain pieces of code are done. The things I did to avoid if statements. I still prefer using the goto command as opposed to nested choices.

I have suggested my ideas in the game idea topic though I will say them again here.

  1. A game where you play someone who starts to have an affect on those around them. Like mind control affect. Start with either getting away with something after getting caught or wanting something parents saying no them start to have a affect, from their grow your power either towards making people feeling something and manipulating emotions or malipulating Ideas and such
  2. A game where you play first a lone hunter who then becomes head of a tribe and you start ruling that tribe and having an affect on the culture and what that city would do. Would you make a magic focus civilisation? Or would you make it about conquest? What about both? Your family will rule for generations and you see what it gets you.
    Those are my ideas hope you get some inspiration from them


I could really use you. I have a ton of ideas.

Thank you all for your interest! I believe I’ve answered all PMs at this point, but if I missed you, please ping me again!

I have millions of ideas and i would love to help but i have the writing motivation of a stone…

This is weird it’s usually the other way around. Can already tell it’s gonna get real busy quick…


@P0RT3R – me doing all of the writing is also a possibility, for an idea that really grabs me! :slight_smile:

@Roslyn_samalt06 – off-topic, but I LOVE your avatar! <3

@Morgan I understand where you’re coming from (I’m a coder/writer too) and it’s nice to help someone with their writing/ideas and make them realized. At this point though coming up with a fully fleshed out idea (to the point where we could give you an entire outline) seems like giving you absolute freedom.

I’m not saying I think you’re trying to steal anyone’s idea, but once they give you an entire outline and ‘if’ you finish the game, there could be concern for profit.

I’m also not trying to be one of those guys that tries to shut down your proposition and acts like an ass on the forums. You should definitely offer to work with and help others code. But maybe set some rules if you plan on developing an entire game with them?

I have a bunch of ideas that I haven’t come back to for a few years but besides being unfinished they seem like an unfair burden to give to someone else…

SIDENOTE: I would like to read some of your writing if you wouldn’t mind, I like reading new things still in the works! PM me maybe?


Of course, I intend to discuss with my hypothetical collaborator whether we’d be aiming to create a commercial game or not, and if so, what a fair division of royalties would be.

I’ll PM you. :slight_smile: