Need a Writing Buddy?

Can’t say I can tell whether or not this kind of topic is allowed, but I saw another like it posted recently, so I thought I’d give it a very tentative try myself. (Should this be against the rules, just take me out, mods!)

I’m looking to see if there might be anybody who needs an extra hand with their project. I don’t have an endless supply of energy and I see myself doing this for free, rather than for any kind of compensation, so I can’t say for sure how much I would be able to contribute, but… like I said, I thought I’d try!

Basically, I’m a writer, but due to an array of personal reasons, coming up with my own world and my own story has proven to be beyond difficult. I love writing though, and I have what I think is an incredible skill with it, and I’d like to lend that to something, if at all possible. (Plus, I’m an artist and I also have an interest in learning ChoiceScript in general! I could be willing to help with character concepts and coding!)

My strengths lie in my character writing and emotional expositions, but I’m pretty well-rounded so long as I know what I’m going for, and even if I wasn’t providing raw writing, I’m very good at adding depth to characters and drawing character traits together to make something that feels realistic and genuine. Also pretty good for bouncing ideas off of!

As for the kinds of stories I’m most interested in, I take a particular shine to fantasy, medieval-esque worlds, but I’ll give almost anything a try as long as I find the concept compelling enough! (I also tend to prefer stories with romance in them!)

If you wanna try talking it over, feel free to leave a reply and we can either talk it over in DMs or through Discord! Either way, thanks for your time!


Hey there! This is my first time writing a story for choiceofgames, it’s quite literally a fantasy medieval story! And it sounds like your strengths are my weaknesses, I’m not so good at fleshing out characters, but I’m good at world building or at least I think so :sweat_smile:
It’d be nice to even just chat to bounce ideas! Or tell you my story idea and see what you think! :smiley:

My story idea if you wanted to check it out to see if you were interested at all. Or if not, that’s okay! And I hope you have a lovely night/day :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested in hearing more, if you’re down! Anywhere that’s better for you to talk?

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I’m so glad to hear it :smiley:
My discord is bbqkraken#1238
Not sure what time zone you’re in, but whenever I’m awake I’ll respond. It’s currently 8:46am here in Australia :slight_smile:

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Sent a friend request under the name Alistair! (And my timezone’s UTC-7! Generous difference, but it’s all good.)

Here is my story if you are interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t think I’m too interested… Your WIP post doesn’t do a very good job highlighting what it’s about, but I might be willing to help you do that, regardless of how interested I am, if you’re down?

Actually, I missed a few things on my first way through and I think the cousin LI killed my interest entirely. Sorry! :sweat_smile:

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