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That… :cold_sweat: Um hello. Forgive me if what I am going to write is all over the place. Honestly I am not one for, speaking/writing publicly. But I really wanted to try my hand at this. I’ve been apart of this community for three years I think? But I’ve always loved reading the amazing contents that’s posted here. This is probably too long for most to read but I just have to say that I’ve always been a person who loves writing and reading. Honestly it was an escape from reality… I’ve been writing for years but due to a few mishaps in the past, I lost all confidence in posting, things that I’ve written. My sister has always told me that I have a knack for it but, when one starts to lose the love they have for something it’s just hard for them to fall back into place. (If that even makes any sense. I’m babbling I know.)

Basically, I wanted to try my hand, at writing again… Wanted to see if I still had a knack for it. I don’t know how to code but, I believe that I can figure it out soon enough… Aiya most of what I wrote doesnt really make much sense.

So here’s my shot. Oh yes… Mostly I’m going with transmigration… Always loved those books wanted to try my hand at that.

You transmigrated into a badly written palace intrigued novel, as a brain dead Cannon fodder who’s only purpose in the story is a stepping stone.

You don’t know how you ended up here. Or why you were even sent here! (I suck at writing synopsis :cry:)

Will you destroy the story line or keep it on track all for the sake of going home?

*Will you obediently wait until your wedding day or will you wreck havoc in the royal court? *

What will you do to stop your imminent death? Will you bargain with the devil himself or will you fight your own battles?

**3 ROs *
The devil
The royal advisor
And the man who killed the original owner in the original timeline…

I’m taking it one step at a time… Currently I am doing the female version for chapter one then I’ll do the male version… Hopefully I do this right.

I’ll give you a little peek at chapter one seeing as the synopsis is lacking.

"This is… Where am I? You wondered as you tried to collect yourself. A few minutes ago you were just about to leave the office when a blast went of some sort went off… And then… Nothing. Everything just went black. And now you’re standing in a banquet hall or wherever the hell this is with hundreds of people staring you, looming over a pitiful lady who was drenched from head to toe.

Your eyes twitched as cold sweat drenched your back. From what you’ve gathered you’re most certainly dead… And in hell. You’re not surprised at that, you’ve done alot of bad shit in your life to enter heavens door…

It’s a rough draft… So that’s my beginning. I didn’t want to use the waking up in bed scenario because most people say that it’s overused in books…


Hello, lurker. :wave:

This is the CoG forum. Unless you’re about to type The Lord of the Rings or something, I’m gonna bet it’s not too long for anyone. :wink:

Oh no. :frowning_face:


You’re not the only one. If something isn’t integral to the actual story, why is it in the story? If it IS integral to the story, how do you take it out and still have a representative synopsis? It’s madness. MADNESS, I TELL YOU! (and they call me mad. ME! But I’ll show them, I’ll show them AAAALLLLLLLLL!!!)

I actually like this, especially if you know how the story is supposed to go.



Come here.

I’m gonna tell you a secret.

looks left
looks right

Were you followed?

Are you sure?

Ok, then, here’s the secret:

Everything is overused in stories. Peope who think otherwise haven’t exposed themselves (no, not like that) to enough fiction. There’s only like 10 actually different stories total, and I’m probably being generous.

The big difference between “waking up in bed” or “congratulations, you’re in middle of stuff and have no clue what the hell is going on” isn’t overuse, it’s pacing and tone. “Waking up in bed” gives the character more time to prepare and acclimate, and makes for a calmer start than “look at all these people you’ve never seen who are waiting for you to do something that you have no clue what”*. Both starts are completely valid. Pick the one that matches the tone that you want to impart to the situation.

*this is the literary equivalent of starting a DnD campaign with “everybody, roll for initiative”


Thank you for that. I think I needed it in some way. :cry:. Even though my sister, hypes me up… I still doubt myself because she’s my older sister, she’s probably saying all those things because she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

But now, it’s amazing people like yourself who makes me feel a tad bit more confident and believe that I can actually do it. The story might be cliche to some but… I’m sure that there’ll be people who’ll genuinely like my writing.

But I am in a better space now. Honestly I posted that topic and after getting a respond… I checked this thread out. I hesitated for so long until I just gave in. I posted it and tossed my phone far. Right… I was getting anxious. So I decided not to come back until my reply is lost beneath another person’s WIP but when I came in I saw your reply… And it made me feel better…

I read such well thought out contents that sometimes, I just feel even more depressed because I am so hung up on what I just read from those other authors… So I doubt myself even more. Haha… And as you can see my description skills are horrible as well!

And I don’t think you’re mad. You’re awesome! So yes you should show them all! I’ll be rooting for you if that helps.

P.S. I might just write over the beginning! :yum::blush:


being transferred to a badly written palace intrigued novel sounds like a blast, minus the someone trying to kill you of course. i really like what you got here. is the man that is going to kill the mc their soon to be murderous spouse? also, fuck yea. im ready to kick ass and not let anyone walk over me.

i do understand the feeling of losing the love they have for their fav hobby. i remember back then, i used to be part of journalism club and when i went to high school, i found out there is someone out there who does better and actually finishes their work. it certainly brought my mood down to the point that i stopper writing for a year. i guess my advice is that, write for yourself. you are your own biggest critic. if you’re satisfied and happy with what you’ve written then that’s good enough. prioritize your happiness over your work over other people’s cause those people are just along for the ride.


Yes. They are. This might be a bit of a spoiler… But I’ll share it. When they’re going to ascend the throne, they’ll need to reinstate someone as their second half. Seeing as the marriage contract was against their will, they thought that the only way to be with their lover (the protagonist of the world) was if they discarded the OH (original host).

Also thank you. It is good to know that it is okay to write for myself. You’re awesome! :blush:


Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a medieval fantasy type based setting, called The Gemini Twins. I haven’t planned very much yet, but the basic concept so far is medieval, but magic and fantasy races also exist.

My story focuses on a kingdom capital, and 5 romanceable characters; a stoic human paladin, a flirtatious elf ranger, a kind and beautiful siren sorcerer, a badass half-elf, and one of the Gemini twins (the good one), or just friends if you so choose not to romance anyone. This country, and especially the capital, worship the sun god, Solaris, and the goddess of the two moons, named Gemini. Twins born on the night of the moons being both waxing and waning are revered and said to be descendants of the moons goddess (hence the name Gemini twins), they are worshipped, especially considering that they’re royalty, their parent being the ruler of this country. Your role for the longest time was being the bodyguard to one of the twins at the castle. Life is good until you accidentally uncover treachery by the other twin, they belong on the throne, they believe it’s rightfully theirs and no one else’s, so naturally, they commit patricide, frame you and the other Gemini twin, and take the throne to rule as they see fit.

Progressively you meet the other characters, try to clear your names, and restore your reputation while setting things right.

So would anyone be interested? :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I’m working on learning ChoiceScript right now and wanted to work on a nation-sim with the working title In the Oval. The premise is pretty straightforward: you’ve just been elected President of the United States and have to deal with all the trouble that comes with it. I’m about 1500 words in, not including commands, and have a bit planned before I want to release a demo:

  • Ability to manage relations with several groups; interest groups, party leadership, family, etc.
  • Have these relations manage certain events throughout your first term as President including whether or not you can pass legislation, potential impeachment if corruption gets too high or approval too low
  • A re-election campaign with basic polls, campaign fundraising, etc.
  • A detailed epilogue based on how your Presidency is viewed a few years on and how your relationships played out in the end

While I just made my account on the Forum today, I’ve been lurking and have seen some other attempts to create a nation-sim in the past that have failed so I’m open to suggestions!


This place has stories with dragons and monsters and this is STILL the most unrealistic thing I’ve seen in it.


I feel like I’ve heard about this game before already lol defintly wish you luck though.:smiley:

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Hi everyone,

So this is an idea I’ve been kicking around for about a year and just wanted to see what people thought. It’s essentially a (soft) sci-fi/fantasy setting, where the player character has just come out of stasis to find that they are the last living human in the galaxy, long after the fall of some ancient human civilization.

I have a plot line vaguely planned out, but no solid character ideas yet, except for kind of archaeologist character who is an ‘expert’ on humans but gets everything wrong.

Sorry if there aren’t too many details to work with here, but I’m happy to hear any feedback.


This looks very interesting

My first WIP has been going well and an idea for another one came to mind. I don’t plan on working on it for now, but I’m curious to see what others think of it.

Unlike my current game where you’re genderlocked to female, this game lets you select your gender and pronouns. Now working as a journalist in your quiet hometown, you’ve hit a point where you have lost inspiration to write. It is then you remember that ever since an accident in your teen years, you have had the ability to see and communicate to the dead. So as a last resort, and out of desperation, you start making the most out of this ability to gather material for your next articles. But as you delve even further into this new world you’ve learned to ignore for years, you start to learn that perhaps there is something dark and sinister your town is hiding.

Other than that, I’ve also loved the possibility of setting this game in a fictional town somewhere in the Philippines, or even just the capital, and including supernatural creatures from its mythology into the mix. Honestly, I’d like to see more games that take place somewhere I know and love dearly!


How is your relationship with the judiciary? Surprisingly, I think it’s a topic that hasn’t been taken up in political games.

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An excellent point to bring up!

So far for the Judiciary, I have a few things planned:

  • This one I’m writing currently, but one of your first decisions as President on day one is picking out your cabinet – notably here is your pick for Attorney General

  • I also have planned a Supreme Court vacancy in which, if you have enough influence in Congress, you can either appoint a conservative, liberal, or moderate justice to alter the balance of the court. While this portion is still in the planning phase, I have two main ideas for how the balance of the court will be important

    • The first one being your legislative agenda, if you’re playing as a Democrat and were unable to nominate a liberal court justice, or vice versa, some of your legislative victories could be struck down by the Courts.
    • The second, which would be a rarer event, is that if you’re re-elected but by a small margin, your victory could go to the Supreme Court (sort of like the 2000 Presidential election). Your chances are almost guaranteed if you appoint a complete loyalist over a more qualified justice, but will increase your corruption stat and decrease approval.

Basically, the judicial system as of right now is mostly focused on your “corruption” score. How high or low it is can determine if articles of impeachment are brought up against you and if you will be further prosecuted if and when you’re out of office.

A lot of this is still in the planning stages, so please let me know if you have any ideas on how to make the judicial branch more involved in the story!


A list of what I just came up with

  1. Judgment of conformity of state law to the federal constitution
    Many US Supreme Court precedents have been involved in this matter, and the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision has had a major impact on federal and 50-state policies.
    So I think this should be implemented in the game in some way.

  2. Disputes between the state and federal governments
    This issue has also been brought to the Supreme Court in many cases in history.

  3. Criminal case
    Players may abuse the criminal justice system to send political opponents to prison.
    Or it may simply handle a case related to a federal crime that is gaining public attention.
    Appointment of a federal prosecutor may also be important

  4. Judgment on execution and amnesty
    It ultimately determines the lives of prisoners on death row and other types of prisoners.
    Community security and public opinion about crime may also be influenced.

  5. System for lower courts
    I also want a system for this, but I can’t think of a good concrete idea.

These are just ideas that I’ve come up with at the moment, so there may be better or further ideas (I may come up with them, you or someone else may come up with them)

Sounds pretty interesting (and the premise as well)! Love local mythology.

Hello, first time poster here. I’m interested in writing with ChoiceScript; I’ve been able to use it to make some neat game systems in a very short time. I just need to settle on a real project, and I have a specific concept I wanted to check.

A couple years ago I released a visual novel in the style of Ace Attorney. It didn’t get much attention, so I set it aside after the first case. No big deal; my artwork is pretty bad for a visual novel, and this is just how these things go.

The story remains, however. Now that I’m experimenting with ChoiceScript, I’m wondering whether an Ace Attorney styled game would be welcome.

“What is an Ace Attorney styled game?”

Ace Attorney is a visual novel with a logic puzzle element. During “courtroom” segments, the player must identify lies or inconsistencies in a witness’ statements based on available evidence. It has little to do with actual law and is mostly about yelling dramatically, which would also be true of my own story.

I did a quick check to see if anything similar was on the platform already, but couldn’t find anything. “Choice of the Deathless” has you playing as a lawyer, but you spend the game doing legitimate legal work, which is not my aim. I want to know if the logic puzzle gameplay would be welcome. There’s almost no replay value in Ace Attorney games, after all.

The simplest thing for me to do would be to re-do my game in ChoiceScript in order to tell the complete story. The original has a pre-set character and a linear plot, but if I’m working with ChoiceScript I’m willing to adopt expected features like a customizable self-insert main character and a greater variety of routes.

Thoughts, opinions? Is anyone up for some reading comprehension-based logic puzzles? If this core gameplay style is too distasteful, I can always do a regular ChoiceScript game instead (I’m working on one now), but I would love to make my yelling courtroom game if I can.


How are you on character creation? Could my mc be that mythical Democrat or Indepedent from Alaska?

As I’d enjoy trying a fictional run as an economically progressive but more rural/small state aligned Democrat or (economically) progressive independent. Of course the electoral landscape to elect any sort of progressive from Alaska would have to be quite different from the current one. Lastly, if your game allows it, I’d also like for my mc to have come from either local government, governor of Alaska or, heck, even major of Anchorage (I mean it almost worked for major Pete) or alternatively to have come from the House, but not the Senate.

Anyone interested in a story about MC owning a talking phone? (Comedy)

Yes, I have weird story ideas lol


Well, it’s not that weird. Most smartphones these days can talk.

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