Give me an idea for a game and I'll make it


Long time lurker, first time poster here.

Title is self-explanatory. I’m taking all ideas I can get. I have experience with Choicescript in the past (once upon a time I made a game called Werewolves Rising) and I’m itching to get back into the game. So don’t be shy! Just let me know what you’d like to see.

Game Ideas For Authors

Make a game that you play as Chuck Norris.


I wanna be a Valkyrie in a game. That’d be pretty cool.


try making a game about street dog or cat. :smiley: or demons


Try to come up with something different from what people usually write about.


How about playing as an information broker, accumulating all your potential enemies’ (and allies’) secrets to use as you see fit?


A gritty boxing game!


A game where you can play and edit multiple characters would be awesome, if a bit tricky. It would be nice if it could center around a family. Mafia, super hero, that sort of thing, doing the daily drudge and taking the kids to school while still having to handle beating people up on the side (but be home before 11 to make sure Timmy goes to bed).

Think CoG hasn’t seen enough familial based games. Would personally enjoy it.


@555Sarin @orkwut and everyone else I’m not allowed to tag, all kickass ideas (and I mean that literally for the Chuck Norris one)… I’ll be sure to try to look into each one


I’ve been dying for dome one to come out with a samurai game where you live through the sengoku period.


@MultipleChoice Is already making a samurai game tho.


If you’re really up to it, how about a survival game similar to the likes of Shelter, where you play as a wild animal trying to make it through a harsh winter or something. That’d be a concept I’d like to see.


Pokemon? Digimon? Some fan dedicated game?


There’s lots of mafia games out there and i think i heard about some one making a street gang game list gta san andreas. But i dont think anyones made an outlaw biker game yet like SOA. You could try that.


Meh I played the demo. Its interesting but I think it could be done better.


I agree with @BlazedStorm I think there should be a game where you live the life of some animal like a wolf, or a lynx, or lion, heck you could probably even make that a choice on what species of animal you are


Concious Zombie Game-… where you play as a ‘half zombie’, A Minotur game where you play as the Mintour, or a comedy style God game.


A game about modern pirates/mercenaries… or vampires.


I would kill for a Coven-ish game.


Please make a boxing game!