Possible New Game Ideas


As a big fan of CoG, I wanted to try my hand at making a game in ChoiceScript. I have a few ideas that I wanted to check the appeal for. I will have the title and a brief description.

1.Not Normal Anymore

Description: You are a normal kid going through the everyday horrors of high school. But, everything changes for you on one fateful day. You get superpowers! But will you use them for good? Or evil?

  1. Running the Gang

Description: You are a small time crook. Working the corners, dealing drugs, the usual. However, you wanna be part of the big-time money makers. You just might get that chance.

  1. Payday

Description: Short on money, you decide that you want to start robbing banks. Small jobs are okay, but you want big bucks. Run a heist crew and make some money.

Please tell me which of these seem the most interesting.



I vote the first one because I like the idea of a normal teenager suddenly getting extraordinary powers. It sounds like it could be a nice combo of Psy High and Neighborhood Necromancer, which are by the way two of my favorite underrated CoG’s.


I’ll vote for 3 if its more like a heist film them a direct port of the payday game to a choice game. The thought of being a pro(or trying to become pro) robber while managing and forming a team sounds interesting. There have been a ton off good bank robbery movies, but my fav ones have always been the ones that end up as mind games with the police… not just smash and grab.

Anyway my vote = 3


Either 2 or three but in case of two you could make a a heist chapter where you plan and participate in a heist and to succeed you set up yourself and your group of friends and/or hire some professional robbers into the group and set them up where the player could feel they would best be used


For me it has to be number one. I’m not really into robbery games. They just don’t appeal to me.


Number 1. I was sorta let down by Psy High.


Number 1, I like games with superpowers!


I think a combination of 2 and 3 would be epic (if I had to choose though, my vote would be for 3). 1 doesn’t really interest me, personally.


I played and loved life of a mobster but this one is more managing your own gang rather than becoming a don of one. @Hell_Satan


Insted of combining them in one game, you could alternatively make Payday first and then Running the Gang as a sequel.


Firstly, I don’t think it’s helpful to say that a game sounds too much like some other game. I think you should just ignore those comments.

Secondly, I’d say write out a longer blurb about each of the three games. Imagine that you’re pitching them. See which of the three ideas captures your interest most, which you’d like to write, which you end up having the most ideas for, or which just captures your imagination.

Personally I’m not interested in playing criminals.

I did enjoy both Neighbourhood Necromancer and Psy-High and the different ways they tackled being a school kid with powers. And I know that any take you do on the subject will also be different from those two.

Why good or evil though? Does anyone willingly embrace evil? Well maybe, it can be fun to be a villain but the super-powered often have other pressures on them.

Curse vs Blessing. Do you view your powers as a curse and wish to just be normal, or do you love suddenly being special and revel in your newfound abilities. Do you love being different or just want to fit in?

Do you keep your abilities secret, hiding who you are for fear that others will ostracise you, or target your loved ones, or think you’re crazy, and the government will show up and dissect you. Or do you instead set about letting everyone know what you can do. And do you decide to wear a costume, create an alter-ego, or just do it as yourself.

Do you use your powers for your own personal gain, or do you use them to help others?

For the whole being a normal kid, in school, going through the horrors of high school, well do you use your abilities to get revenge on those teachers who were nasty, on the bullies that made your life miserable, can you cheat at your exams, do you even need to do exams? Or do you instead use your powers to get on better with everyone, or throw it all into perspective, or help others so they like you more?

See, for me that’s the interesting things for the school one. But for you it might be something different.


I love the first idea, but I’d probably buy all of these ideas. They all seem like great plots.


I probably will (in time) write all of them, its just a matter of what I start first. @Fallen


I vote for choice one since I really like super powered games


The First one sounds the best


Probably the third if you could implement somewhat randomized heists, then give the player several strategies to choose from, where their skill determines the success chance. Although IP wise I think you may have to change the name.


I am here! I am the one who embrace evil willingly! :smiley:


I vote for superpowers! And i will rule the school!!!


The third one, as long as there’s a ton of different ways to do heists. Guns blazing, super sneaky, or go modern by hacking into banks to rob them, or hire other people to do it and just supply the plan
Y’know, options


I’d like the first one. Nobody here knows how many times I wished for superpowers in highschool simply to beat the crap out of bullies!!