CoG: Serial killer


I have Been working on a new choice of game for a while now, ( my first one I didn’t publish, wasn’t great and some things weren’t working properly, but I’ve learned how to fix them ) but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a choice of game based around serial killers. And if so would you like the option of being a cop. It is heavily based on Dexter, though as I said in another forum, I’ve taken vigilantaism out of it. And if I do do the cop I wise publish after I publish the serial killer storyline, because it would take a lot longer. But would y’all be interested in one where you play as a murderer.

Playing as a killer

Each person has a type of game that they like, but i could never play this game. Killing things have been in a lot of CoG games, but this feels to personal. Sure there is a games have an evil side to play, but that’s just a side of the whole package, not the whole game.

Maybe a psychological game would be better? In which your character already killed a person and the point of the game is to get away with it and see how far you’re willing to go to not get caught?


I prefer the cop vigilante story. A wacko killing wacko’s doesn’t seem bad at all.


well I think the serial killer part Is cool and all but I hope I can choose what type of killer your character is even a vigilante who kill other killer or a pure serial which you choose your victim just like cog of vampire where you had special type of blood you liked to drink im curious tough how detailed you gonna be when it comes to the killing of the victim so looking forward.


You get to choose the place to look for a target, which has no effect most of the time. It’ll give you a list of targets, and what happens when you target them will all be individual story chains.And as far as a comparison in the blood thing go’s, it won’t be written in the game, but I guess you can choose from the targets I give you. So far my variables include your name, your current alias, your weapon of choice, your infamy and control. Though is there a way to make it to where if a certain variable hits a certain number a certain thing will happen. Like an increase in another variables percent or it makes you go to a certain scene. Knowing how to do that would be interesting. And there’s no


@ victoriya, I will add a cop part eventually, so you will have a good or bad choice, but to be honest that’s gonna take a longer time period. Also if you choose cop, then you will not kill of other people, or other killers. Sounds too dexterish.


well now im looking really forward to this.


and one more thing could you set a date for beta testing when you are certain yourself.


@Cdasselin If you want the increase of one trigger to set of another, the only real way is to have your code be:
*set anger + 1 *if anger > 5 *goto lose_control
However, it sounds like you have some ‘central screen’ with your code. You could just add the “*if anger” to the start of that, so that it would only trigger if you’re not already in the middle of something (of course you may only want it to trigger in the middle of a scene, say making him particularly brutal if your anger is to high, raising infamy).

There is, however, no shortcut to making the script constantly check something, without actually adding a couple of lines for it to constantly check that thing yourself.

Another great way to do this is with *gosub commands. With a *gosub command you can also make it run multiple checks with just one line too (anger too high, infamy too high, control too low, ect.)


@ reaperoa, thank you. That was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to know thank you. Big help :slight_smile:
@djma46, if you would like I can post some sort of demo of the first killing within a few days time, but don’t expect a completed game until the 15 of next month. I am still working on the first victim set at the moment, and I’m hoping to include 6, and then write a completely new cop story after that. Im glad your looking forward and I’m sorry for the wait. :slight_smile: hopefully I’ll have it done sooner.


a demo sound like a really good thing, cant wait to try it!


Cool, I may have it done by the end of the weekend. But it takes forever to write the individual victim’s stories XD, on this one scene I already have 340 lines! Also I have never published or set up anything like this do I need a website to put this up on or how would I go about putting this up?


patience is gold.


@Cdasselin try to host your game. It is rather user friendly (IMO) and at least two other people here have mentioned using it (there’s be a little talk about how to host demos elsewhere here, but I haven’t noticed a better option). Just FYI: all you need to upload is what is in the ‘web’ folder, NOT including the .htaccess file. won’t let you anyways, but just in case you choose a different host, don’t upload it, as at least one person mentioned it messing with the site they were using. There is a seven day wait before being allowed to upload files on, though that is a minor thing when compared to the benefits of a free site.

Also, just 340 lines? Damn, I wish I could could do that. I’m about to break one thousand and am not even out of the ‘character generation’ scene. Although the last 200 lines or so is a bunch of copy-pasta, 'cause I made a bad choice in how you build your character, and had to patch it up with some ridiculous code. Namely I made the name choice require both the first and last name on the same page (personal names are still doable) and it means that I ended up with five choices nestled into another five, with a different set required for each gender.


Over a thousand lines :o jeez that’s a bunch. And thank you for the advice. I will make a later and as most of you are aware it will be a full 7 days before I can post the demo so I will post a new discussion and link to my demo on the 22.
And Also their is no gender choice. I am using words like, I, me, you, etc.


The serial killer game will take longer to get the full game made than thought. My friend is learning choice script. So we will be making another game along with my game. It will be fantasy rpg.


Sounds awesome man! Please post the demo/beta as I’m sure everyone here’s in CoG games.
Regarding the moral point of being a killer or not, why not have it like Dexter, where he goes up against another killer or something? You can choose to kill him or join him, or something like that?


@zero647 I’m glad to have another person waiting on it! As a huge fan if Dexter it was hard not to do something like this but I also have to remember not to make a clone of something. To keep it original I had to keep myself from that. I’m still working on the first kill as I decided to rewrite it for a better feel, if you read Dexter though I write it very similarly.


Ok. I’ve finished work on the demo and it will be uploaded to my site on the 22nd which is Friday. It will only be one kill long and many ways to fail so please dont get mad, I will post a link her friday afternoon, I’d wish you good luck, but that’s not appropriate for a serial killer game XD also I want people to know that me and my game development team ( my friends who are working with me on all games past this one ) are not weirdo’s and are do not promote serial killings in any fashion. We are developing a text based game at the same time as this that will be a true “game” , it will be like dungeons and dragons, have full stat screen race options and a world with several dungeons to explore, since we are working on a project of this proportion it will bot be out until at least January, so look forward to us and our games, we hope to continue making text based games and we hope to move out of the medium into the 3D world eventually though.


Sounds awesome~
I actually prefer games where you take on the perspective of a killer instead of the detective…