Rogue Operative: Blacklist


Hey all,

For my first COG story, I am writing a noir spy thriller. The player will be the director of a secretive spy agency, managing the missions of several operatives, one of whom will betray you, their comrades, and the agency you have spent your life building. You must stay alive, keep your allies alive, and discover the identity of the traitor. Romancing operatives may or may not be a focus down the road.

Currently I am still outlining major plot points and familiarizing myself with the coding language. Hoping to put out a first draft/alpha build in a few months.


Sounds cool dude cant wait some secretive spy stuff thats cool always loved that stuff


Just a heads up I am pretty sure that the “Choice of” name is reserved specifically for games from COG.


Oooh, that sounds interesting, but the best traitor game out there currently is Lost Dimension according to me, but if you do this really well, this may surpass it, I don’t know haha. But this sounds intriguing. I got a clear picture of what you wanted: Which is great, you should be able to sell your game in a paragraph or two, if you can’t, then how can you know that the game isn’t the same? :slight_smile: Also you can’t use “Choice Of” if this is a hosted game. ^^


"My name is Bond… James K. Noir Del valle de los pinineros, Bond… "

I want to play it now! :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:


I’ll have to play a bit of that game, then. And yeah, got ahead of myself with the title. Since blacklisting the agent(s) you think are after you will be a core mechanic, I can make this title work too.


Nice screen name! And I love the enthusiasm around here haha


Fixed it…didn’t do my homework on that one. Sounded good tho, right? :wink:


Sounds cool. I’m a big fan of noir.