Corporate Espionage: The Game?

Hey everyone! It’s Aiedra here and I just decided to ask if anyone would be interested in a Corporate Espionage style game, and if so would you guys want to collaborate on it so that it will take less time to complete and so that it can be a community project? Thoughts?

Well, any concept can get pretty good on the right hands. It all comes down to how you handle it, how you design it.

What sort of corporate espionage are we talking about? What is the basic story premise? What sort of content is in there? Is it stream-lined or you are thinking about making it open-ended?

These sort of things. Do tell me more, I’d love to hear it.

I have a subplot about corporate espionage in the game I am working on, “Welcome to the Death March.” But it’s a cool subject, so there’s room for lots of games that address it.

I hope to have it pretty open as far as endings and choices go within the game, if it gets made I plan to have skill bars and such like in most other games. The primary story will be that you have been hired by a predatory corporation to attempt to steal as much information on certain special computing technology in the possession of another company, and of course you will be trying to achieve this through corporate espionage, or are you?

The subject seem interesting and could be worth a shot. Lets not forget that there’s a game here where we are a lawer for demons so anything can be great if done right.

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