[WIP?] Mars Company(planning)

Hey guys thought of an idea for a choice game a couple weeks ago still in the planning phase though. Open to suggestions and positive feedback when I have a demo up. Anyways basic outline, you have recently joined the independent mercenary syndicate, Mars Company based on Stontil a large, corrupt city planet that is rotten to the core. you and your squad mates will be sent out on dangerous missions throughout the galaxy.

Sounds interesting, though one would think that a game called Mars Company would be set on Mars. Still, the premise sounds good.

@derekmetaltron not neccesaraly Mars is the roman god of war so the name fits when you think about it

Sunds interesting @thecourier

Very interesting concept, I like it. What kind of mercenary company is it I.e. what are their morals are they just as corrupt as the planet or are they traditional mercs fighting just for money or are they good hearted trying to help the planet?