Choice of the Assassin (work in progress)

I have been thinking about what type of game to make, so I decided a game about assassins would do. Feel free to give me advice and ask questions. I will begin working on this game tommorow. In the meantime; give me advice.

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MURDER!!! :smiley: >:-)

@Zed i agreee lots and lots of murder \:D/

Hmmmm. Your character will hve the choice of killing civilians or not.

That’s a great idea. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m not sure what you already have planned but some ideas that come to mind are being able to chose your weapon, maybe your history (like how you became a assassin), and have the choice of not killing the people you are hired to kill. Just some ideas. I am, also, curious as to what time period does this takes place.

I would say around 15 or 16th century. The weapons would kinda be Assassins Creed stuff.

Where are you thinking of setting it?

Also there is a choice of if you’re just a hired blade or if you’re in a society of assassins.

Regardless of setting, I will PAY you to let us kill someone while saying, “Requiescat in pace.” XD

Okay, not really, but it would be hilarious and awesome. :slight_smile:

@Stevicus It will be settled around Europe in the mjor cities, such as Rome, London, Jeruselum.
@Krazynerd I think we will settle for hired killer.
@Archangel950 What?
I am starting on my project today. I told my wife not to disturb me.

It’s An Assassin’s Creed Reference. Also, You Spelled “CHOICE” Wrong



Yes I can kill and not get caught

what Era is it set in? this will determine what weapons / transportation /clohing styles/ & Area should be.

do you want to have any stats? ( male/female , favored skill , strength/dexterity/cunning, weapon and equipment choices , equipment weight)

Supporting Characters? ( Romance Options, an Antagonist to give your character an ultimate goal)

Thanks for the ideas. I will try to implement all of those things that @Lobo420 mentioned.

revanrulesrussia cant wait to read it when you’re done

I am currently setting up the main character’s (who’s name is Wolfsbane) introduction and first few hits. I will not implement stats but will instead have Notorious levels (how much you are known by the authorities). The more you kill, the more you’re presence is known. I’m currently working on the part where your character gets to choose his/her weapon. The weapons availible are Sword, Axe, Flail, Bow, Dagger and Hidden Blade. All have their pros and cons, such as the axe will make a mess of the targets body, while a bow makes basiclly no mess and you can pick them off from afar. Well, after I’m done with the first Chapter, I’ll post it for beta. Keep commenting and giving me suggestions. Bye!

Finished with about half of Chapter One. What you can do so far:
Choose your gender(has really no effect)
Accept or refuse Ferrero’s first job (you will still end up with the 2nd job.)
Choose a weapon for the second mission.
Choose where you want to kill the target.
Does anyone know where I can post the beta of this game and update it when I have to? Also, how do I change the title?

gotta be a mod or an admin to change the title
Try Dropbox