First new game up for ideas!


Would be a great help if I could get some ideas !!! As it is my first game


I have the most perfect idea.
A choicescript game about making a choicescript game.


Make a game you would want to play. I find it easier to write if its about a subject I enjoy.


Yeah, that should totally be the topic.
I think it would be good too.

“Choice of Choice”


@Nocturnal_Stillness i will think about some ideas and try themout


I will think up some ideas and develop them for a plot of my game


And @Comma
That. would. A good game


what genre are you interested in?





i am interstered in action, rpg games
already got some good ideas


Final fantasy? Kingdom hearts? I have yet to see a completed Choice Game with a video game setting. But perhaps you would like to do something more original.



Here is an idea for you.

Players assume the role of a young person whose father is blacksmith of legendary craft. He is commissioned to forge a sword for the King/Queen of the kingdom. However just before he can finish making the weapon the village you live in is attacked.

Your father picks up his own sword and uses it defend the village defeating countless enemies and finally driving them back. However he is mortally wounded and his dying wish is for you to finish the new sword and deliver it to its owner…


Hmmmm I got one for you:
The only child of a proud noble family in a harsh kingdom. (Much like a Game of Thrones setting). Your father is invited to the capital by the king, a good friend of his. On the first day at court, while at the marketplace, you hear the cling of swords and shouting. As you reach the palace, you see only the lifeless body of your father being stepped on by the retreating Gaurd. Your manservant immediately takes you away. He could stay with you for rest of game as witty advisor who wont let you get to proud or foolish.

From that point the protagonist can seek shelter in a number of places, with diverse characters you met before you left for capital during a feast/ character creation scene. You’re on the run from the new regime, and can use family history and personality to take the throne away from the men who killed your father. Maybe have brother and sister from fathers second marriage, mother dead.

I SERIOUSLY advise watching Game of Thrones to anyone interested in such a story. This would take good writing to and character design to make interesting people, and heavy setting creation. You got to make a whole country


RPG is an acronym for Role Playing Game. “RPG Game” = “Role Playing Game Game”

This message brought to you from the society for the prevention of people sounding ignorant about stuff they talk about all the time.


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Make a game based in egyped or pre-columbian exchange south america


This may be good.
You are the new leader of a kingdom or a civilization past/future doesn’t matter, and the choice you make result in how long your people survive, or create a point at the end where every choice you have made has affected you readiness for a end battle. Similar to Mass Effect 3 or Fable 3 .


I’ve got a good one:
You’re a Dictator on a small Island Nation/Land-locked country. You start off by picking your background and your rise to power. What happens next, is your Choice! Do you Ask the U.N. to recognize your Country? Do you Make your country Strong? Do you Build Weapons of Mass Destruction? Do you Create a Nuclear Arms Program? It’s your Choice.


Your son/daughter to a noble, you spend most of your time in the castle walls with your friend, Mugath, you have a special ability to sense danger, the only person you trust and have told is Mugath, your best friends, when suddenly, he disappears, you find out he was sent on a mission for the king, and you sense a great danger approaching, here’s a quick sample of the story, if you use it, give me credit!

When the spindly finger of doom first poked the council members five months ago, the queen nearly shrugged at their fear, “Right,” she would say, “They’d be dead before they spat on the castle grounds.” It was that night someone silenty slipped a bit of (insert poison here) in to her tea, silently killing her, I knew it, I knew everything.
I wished to tell someone, but before I could, I clamped her jaw to quiet my stupid intentions, If they knew, i’d be dead in seconds…
What should I do? Shout for help? I knew it! But in fear of death, I kept my mouth shut. There was only one person I could trust. Mugath.


Ok, I’ve got a confession to make to make: I took some of the stuff in my idea from Tropico 3 and 4 but only the base idea of being a dictator of a small Island Nation, The Land-locked country idea is mine.