Pls. help me choose one of two ideas for my first game

After I reworked two games that other people did (from PDF-format to choice of games format), I feel that I am finally ready to try to create a completely original game.

I have 2 different ideas:

  • Life simulator in humor-fantasy setting.

You’re going to control a character who can drink, explore world around the native city, to learn magic, learn melee combat, archery, theft, espionage etc.

Who will under you control? Orc, Dark Elf, Gnome, Troll, Human? I do not know - vote for what you like. ))

30 days, 3 actions per day (morning, day and evening) and after this you will see are results of you choices (further destiny of your main character, his friends, his enemies, his sity, etc.).

One game session will last for half an hour or an hour of real time. And, of course, I will try to add himor in all of this (especially in the random events and endings ; )).

  • Life simulator where you will control a young gamer who want to become a champion In League of Lasthits.

Will he win the World Cup, or he will become a exemplary husband and father or he would end up under a fence in an embrace with a bottle of port wine? Too 30 days, too 3 actions per day etc.

Don’t worry - I’ll find a good translator to translate my game :wink:

Adventures (quests) through live. Adventure can pass by the main character - he still continues his life up to thirtieth day.

I wish to add adventure but why you must save princess, when you can steal her from the castle - for example? ))

I’m not exactly sure if I like the idea of 3 actions per day…

I would probably go for the first one because there’s more to work with there
Though, you probably shouldn’t have each day be a short “pick three actions then start next day” deal or that could start getting repetitive. Probably want to spring up an equal (if not more) amount of unpredicted instances (both positive and negative) each day

Either or, though personally I would like a troll life sim

I’m not really down for three actions per day- it’d seem more distant to me if days weren’t more flexible and actions irregular.

I do like the freedom and more variable filling ness in the first option compared to a tourney in the other where my main goal and daily life is bent on achieving that.

Noting that the three options a day would make coding and branching much easier on you, though it will eventually get a bit…what’s the word…unreal? Meh can’t think of it, but still a bit of zest and spice and random occurrences, other then a set day to day path would be nice. For a short game I personally don’t mind, especially in such an rpg format, though for others…anyway.

Unless your going for a short cog with hopefully different branches and the idea that there is a certain date that simply must be met. There’s two ways that can still accomandate both sides. Using a possibly complicated, although straightforward time code (I’ll be happy to show you mine) or if you want to keep it simple and just note the mc gets extremely exhausted after a set period of time, else a witch cursed the mc to only be able to do a few straineous activity a day =p. Or some kind of reading behind the three action points.

All in all it’s great to see the incoming birth of another game ^~^

The first one sounds like it’d be fun, there’s a lack of slice of life games

Can you really show me you time code? ))

Haha yes I can, I tried to make it as simple as possible though you will have to use it just as a reference as time works differently in my games world, the amount of days in a month and number of month in a year is different, but yea I’ll pm it to you.

I personally like the first one since I’m a big fantasy fan,plus I think that a mix between fantasy and humor can be awesome and the possibilities of what you can do with it are really great.