What YOU want in a Life Sim


Hello CoG. For a bit now I’ve been working on a game where you simulate life. I was wondering though, I better get user feedback to make sure this game comes out as cool and replayable as possible. So far I have integrated a system where your homecountry is randomly selected from a list of about 11 or so, and I was first wondering if anyone had any other specific countries they may like to see in it. I already have the big powers, such as USA, Mexico, Germany, UK, Russia, Spain, etc. Now, for each country I plan on having a completely different storyline, as I want to make this game as random as possible.

Next, after you are born, you are given a random set of talents and (if you parents decided to teach you one other than your countries main) languages. I already have thought of a few talents, such as instrument profiency, athleticism, and other things you might see in a game like The Sims. If you have any suggestions then please allow me to know.

Another thing I am integrating is a career and finance system. You can buy things, go to work and live out your days until seniority. 

Now, if you're not a fan of having things picked for you, it's alright, I'm programming separate mode where you can pick your stats. If any of you have any other suggestions or things I have yet to think of then suggest away.



I have started something similair that i planned years ago, but it starts off with few choices until you finish high school, but its also specifically set in one town and ect so they are different enough for both to be a game


Just dont name it choice of life


The word “Choice” in CS game titles is reserved to CoG games only. Therefore, he can’t name the game that way (as long as it won’t be a CoG game). Other than that, I’ve been thinking of doing a game similar to this, only at a much larger scale…and not in ChoiceScript, so that’s fine. Other than that, one of the hardest things you’ll encounter is making the social relations with people. Good luck with it!


Lol I knew I couldn’t have been the only one to think of this. Anyways, yea I tend to avoid using choice in a title even if it won’t become a cog


It sounds really a great game to make but very difficult too and takes very long but lotz of zucces from me and me hope gonna be great game


Never was a fan of these, but that’s probably because I play games and read books to get AWAY from life. I’m interested to see how your take on it will turn out though. It’s quite an ambitious undertaking.


Will we be able to get married ? :X


@cjw Lol, ambitous is almost an understatement. Yep, it will certainly take awhile, but I look forward to the moment I complete it.

@italionstailon I’ve definitely been thinking of relationships lol, they’re such a big part of life. So the answer is yes, you will.




Can i be bad? And i dont like random the country, but it doesnt bother i keep trying until get what i want :-D. Seem a good idea dificult to code…i hope a demo soon


@TIYF - How big in scope are you thinking? I would seriously limit the nations and such because a life simulation is going to be so large and unweildly it’ll be impressive if you marry quality with the right amount of quantity. Unless you tackle it in some unorthodox approach?

Off the top of my head, I can see two routes on where to go with choices/gameplay… Kudo’s route (really shallow, really poorly made game in my opinion) OR the very old Alter Ego route. They’re both games, Kudo’s you can find around the web, Alter Ego is now abandonware and I’d heartily suggest having a look at it, I think it would give a LOT of ideas for you and you could probably expand from there.

If you’re making a life sim and you’re serious about it I’d probably suggest going the Alter Ego route in terms of a timeline, life ‘stages’, events that you have to deal with and so on. As an older player I’d also advocate not being shy about life’s issues. Alter Ego dealt with sexual exploration, events that crop up through puberty, teenagers being teenagers and some of the dangers of strangers (they included a life event where depending on the choices you could game-over by getting yourself kidnapped by a paedophile of all things).

But I think you would have to handle that in a very neutral and very professional way. I.E. no snap judgement calls because you wouldn’t do it yourself for example. I’ll apologize if it seems like I’m erring on caution there, but I do feel a life simulator is going to be rather tricky ground.

Of course, I don’t know how you’re going to present it, is it a story with a fixed core storyline and random events or is it a genuine full on life sim etc.

Hope that helps.


@RVallant Well, I was planning on creating a “tree” you could call it, for the possible countries first. Then, I would take certain parts of this tree that have the capability to be randomized and come up with at least three or so possible outcomes. Basically my goal with this project is to create a choice game that is extremely replayable. I want someone to go through this, and then think “WOW, I want to try that again” but when they do it, practically every aspect is different. Yes, I admit, it is going to be a b**** to code alone, but I take on the challenge.

@MaraJade First, yes your going to get choices and careers along that line. Second, there is a separate mode I made, as said above, where if you want to choose all, or only some aspects of you life, such as country,talents etc; then you can.


Sorry i forgot last paragraf /:slight_smile: I watching tv same time


do you get a choice to be a gangster???


The first thing that comes to mind for me is meaningful relationships. The only game out of the Sims series that I’ve actually played is Sims 3 and one of the things that put me off about it is that every character seemed to be the same and it seemed like meaningful relationships were impossible.


Wow, this already sounds really impressive. When it comes to life sims I’m a choice junky, the more I’m offered the better; especially if it’s for a wide variety of aspects. However, I’d prefer fewer choices that mean more over a bunch of choices that don’t amount to much.

Sheri_dan: I hear you, relationships and being able to interact with characters is why I love certain video games and while the sims is definitely one of my favorites but it’s not for any personal fondness of my people. Have you played any games by Bioware? They tend to create good characters with a satisfying amount of interaction. Of course they’re far from life sims but sadly that perfect fusion hasn’t been found yet. At least, not by me.


@IndigoInsane Ha, I’m a bioware connoisseur good sir. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I get what you guys are all saying about relationships. I do intend to spend a great amount of time on that.

BTW, as soon as I finish the school time period for U.S.A I might put up a beta. ;P.


Sounds awesome. Especially because now I’m really curious because as much as I love alter ego I can only play that game so many times before I crave more and this sounds like the perfect solution.


Sounds ambitious, kudos if you can pull it off :). The randomized country thing reminds me of Real Lives, have you played it? It isn’t as in-depth as Alter Ego, but you are born in a random country, with randomized stats, family, gender, and you live your life till you die.

When everyone in your family drowns after the fifth flood in a row, or you become a police chief in Canada despite not speaking English, or you become a teacher despite having an intelligence of 5/100, you realize it isn’t very realistic, but it’s still addicting nonetheless.

Basically, we need more life sims and I wish you luck :P.