What game would you want?


I’ve been thinking about making a choice-script game for a while now, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I figured I should get a few ideas from the general audience on ideas for a simple plot that they would enjoy playing. What would you like to see in it? Adventure? Romance? I have a few ideas, please give me your opinions on them as well as more ideas if you have any.

A). You just moved to a new highschool and you don’t know anyone.
B). You’re fresh out of highschool with strong wills to become famous
C). Single parent, freshly divorced having to coop with everything.

Thank you (:


A - has something there, perhaps the reader discovers a hidden secret. Or maybe a good ghost story. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


A ghost story sounds interesting, but I think I’d scare myself writing it X3, thanks for the input :smiley:


C- I’m a sucker for slice of life. It doesn’t sound like like you’re typical gamer fantasy of “Hugely awesome” or the typical life sim “Reinvent yourself” shtick, but something a little more honest.


Really depends on how you write. That said, the three options seem to lean heavily towards the ‘slice of life’ so of setting (as mentioned by @Crayshen) and so I’d agree with them in choosing C. There are few good stories that are really down to earth, and the vast majority of those are set in high school.


option B sounds interesting to me. Purely social games are intriguing with choice games. I like the idea of a strong motivation (to be famous) right up front.


I choose B. Highschool material is everywhere, and C could be a go-er as well depending on what scenarios you put in (something funny on dealing with a baby for eg?). But B gives that hopeful tone and many possibilities, me thinks.


Thanks to everyone who’s commented so far, defiantly still tilting back and forth between B and C, so anyone else is more than welcome to add things. I might end up writing both eventually. I should have a demo up sometime after I get everything figured out with how to use choice-script and what not. :slight_smile: Very excited to see how this goes.


B) the idea has a lot of potential it could be a slice of life or in my idea it should be fantasy where the character get some either superpower or wakky ability.


Not to be rude Mango… but I’m not really feeling it with the 3 option you given… but if I was to choose…it would probably be option “B”! I always wanted to be famous! :stuck_out_tongue:


@MouaThug It’s all good, I just wanted to try something a tad different, since most of the games on here seem to be sci-fi adventures or something like such. Not that I don’t love to read their games too, but I don’t want to seem like I’m copying anyone. ^.^

Also, I’m probably going to go with B, I haven’t seen it done before and I have a few good ideas for it.


a, or c, plus a game about running a mafia


@Mango hahaha YES!! Option B! Win!! :stuck_out_tongue: its going to be hard Mango… that’s going to be a hard story to write…