Leonleezy's Game Idea

I had several ideas for games. I want to begin working on my first two…the first one is called choice of the conqueror.where you choose your path to power in an feudal mystical world full of war sex and political backstabbing…the second is called the path of Bushido where you are an ancient samurai who can change the tide of and civil war.I would really like feedback on my basic ideas please feel free to be honest in the Commons Comments… thank you

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looking forward to both of your ideas

Looks goood, yes with three 'o’s

Thank you guys lol…I just need to learn how to use choicescript

Oh, great ideas! Especially, the Path of Bushido! What kind of help with choicescript? Coding? Help from here: http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com/wiki/Script
If you need more help, I volunteer as tribute to help you! :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck! :slight_smile:

Really miki?

I simply do love the sound of choice of conqueror. You simply must discuss more in depth about it. I encourage you to try your best if even to simply make two paragraphs to try to get what you can in choice code.

Hi, @Leonleezy
Since you’re just starting out, I thought it might help for you to read my article. Here’s the link: http://www.choiceofbox.com/articles/the-horrors-of-collaborating-with-a-coder-and-the-wonders-of-writing-a-choicescript-novel/

I’d also like to say that The Path of the Bushido sounds interesting to me.

@arcania it takes place in an fedual medieval setting…you get to pick your birth status .peasant, merchant ,Sellsword, slave, gladiator,knight
Headge knight
Landed Knight
Or you can decide to be an highborn Lord…any path you choose will have to face the contest of crowns .where you plot, backstab and wage war for the throne and crown …you can pick your own house your own sigil and motto .make alliances with other houses fight in civil wars choose your own personal skills choose your subordinates and enemies determine your Houses path by procreating…and my idea for and sequel if this version is successful.it’s kind of like medieva lWorld War 2 competing for international dominance …starring the children you had in the previous game…I have the plot of those stories broken down into An meticulous storyline history and social structure in both games …I have an array of different cultures and nationalities all influence of blending in 2 the games I’m in the process of creating …the games are completed in idea …I just need help transferring my ideas to choicescript lol

Sounds like a story I’d really enjoy. Can’t wait for the demo!

The path of Bushido is set in feudal Japan of course before the invention of Guns…just traditional samurai weapons.you can pick your background history and you’re fighting style …what school you go to learn said fighting style From …there’s an elite group in the story call the samurai core where the members are numbered 1 through 50 determined on skill level the lower your number isthe more skilled you are … one being the most elite…the samurai core are the Emperor’s personal fighting force.on the other hand you can decide to join the ninja clans you can pick which clan you want to belong to.each clan has its own fighting style.there are 10 ninja clans devoted to crowning a new Emperor…known as the Shadow King who wants to usurp the throne of the current Emperor…you decide which group and which army you want your character to fight for…said character will be the deciding factor of the Civil War due to his or her legendary and unrivaled skills…you’ll be able to merry and pursue other romantic adventures…once again I have the idea finished just need help with the programming lol

Thank you Sam :). I have a lot more ideas for stories too I just got to get my programming knowledge to a better understanding

No problem!

I’d suggest taking a look at the CoG website, the forum and the Choicescript Wiki to learn more about coding. It’s hard at first, but trying to collaborate with a coder (at least in my experiences) is a big mistake.