Wip "Why Samurai"

This is the beginning of a game I wrote when I first discovered Choice of Games around 1,5 years ago. I was playing a lot of Shogun 2: Total War at the time, so it should be clear what my main inspiration was. Now that I’m learning to work with ChoiceScript I figured I might as well translate the already existing content into a playable format…

Name: Why Samurai
Genre: Historical Fiction


Set in Sengoku period Japan (the period of the “Warring States”) you may choose between three historically existent clans and experience this period of upheaval in the history of Japan. In this game I strive for a pretense of historical accuracy, so most people described are based on actual people that existed in the period. The general idea is that you will find yourself taking part in the major battles and other important events of the Sengoku period, starting in 1566.




Its and amazing game, very well writen but i wonder if it would be posible to show in the status menu the status name in english too, because i dont have a idea which atribute is each

Loved it only had one little problem, I don’t have an extremely long attention span and the numerous walls of text did not sit well with me, I also wish we could have influenced the fight summore, I also noticed that instead of calling you (name)-sama the servants just called you sama, btw weren’t we supposed to get bonuses from clan choice to honor? Bc I got none of that.

Or well I should rephrase that, the walls of text were so close together and not broken up by choices and options.

Seems interesting so far cant wait to see more.

I’d suggest putting the opening infodump into a section that can be read on command instead of given to you out the gate in one lump, similar to how Vendetta does it.

Fantastic start! One main thing I found rather annoying, however, was that on the stat page, there was no translations for the Japanese text. If you could put the English translation in parentheses, it may be a bit easier to make sense of your stats.

But all in all, really great game. I can’t wait for more!

Didn’t the Ainu inhabit Hokkaido as well?

This is great! I’m looking forward to playing the full game when it’s released.

My one suggestion is that you might want to condense the historical background: you give the player a lot of information about Japanese culture at the start of the game, and it’s difficult to take all of it in.

Will the player’s character have the option of converting to Christianity as the game progresses?

@mistylavenda: They did indeed!

I remember reading about an archeological study a few years ago, which suggests that many of the samurai were descendants of the Ainu ethnic group.

Apparently it’s quite a controversial topic in Japan.

I must say I found your demo Terrifically AWESOME! I can’t wait for more.

Okay it seems most everyone would prefer to have translations accompany the Japanese, which makes sense.

Thanks for pointing out I still need to add bonus to honor/shame depending on clan choice, Headhunter180.

I’ve never heard of the Ainu ethnic group so I’ll look that up!


Since I’ve gotten this critique for my other wip as well, I’m wondering how much blocks of text is too much? If you guys could point me to a game that you really enjoyed that has the perfect balance of text/choices that would be helpful! I happen to be more predisposed to large walls of text, but that doesn’t mean I should enforce my preference :p.

I love wall of text but maybe put history in a opcion menu like text aventures have people can chose on or off the verbose

They’re the native inhabitants of Hokkaido, their numbers dwindled dramatically to the brink of extinction when the Yamato (Japanese) colonized their land and forced them to assimilate. There is still a great deal of discrimination against the Ainu in Japan today.

Sorry I’m nitpicky about the weirdest things lol xD

Where did the Yamato come from if they’re not the real natives to Hokkaido?(btw what is Hokkaido?)

@Cloudian, Its the northernmost of the Japanese Islands

@Pilgrim, hmm… The first game that popped into my head was Zombie Exodus. It also can get a bit lengthy at points, but all in all I think they balanced their text with choices well :slight_smile:

I love the premise of this, historical game books are always awesome and I like the fact that you’re using historically accurate clans and types of warrior. There is as the others say a fair bit of dialogue to run throuh but I can see myself going through it just fine.

this game is great so far any Idea to how long it is going to take to be finshed

Really nice!