Nanashi [WIP/Interest Check]

Hey, I’m Ronin. Long time lurker and novice writer. Before I committed to an idea, I wanted to check if there was interest in them. I might have a few ideas, but I’ll only start off with one. Title subject to change.

It takes place in Japan, during Sengoku Jidai. A time of war, social upheaval, and political intrigue.

You’ll play as a young (wo)man, who is swept up in the chaos and will have to fight with body and mind in order to survive and to climb the ladder, becoming more they were.

Due to a bad storm, off the eastern coast of Japan, your ship capsizes, causing you to lose every material possession you had. Luckily for you, someone saw you and pulled you ashore. You awake with him rummaging through your clothing. While his intentions weren’t pure, you’re alive because of it.

Depending on what you say and do, you’ll decide to travel together, doing odd jobs until a chance encounter with Oda Nobunaga. He takes an interest, and employs you (two), as servant(s). Will you rise? Or will you succumb to the chaos, your name lost to time?

Due to school and work, I may not be able to release a demo in sometime.


So wat is this wip about

Japanese history has always interested me, due to the fact that they were so isolated for such a long time.
I’m also wondering the same as @Terrell_Williams, do you have an idea of what the plot would be?

Not yet. At this point it’s just an idea. Nobunaga will definitely play a huge part, on a personal level and the grand scheme of things.

Sounds good, looking forward to seeing how Nobunaga fits into your story. Will it take place earlier, or later in his life?

Earlier in life. I thought about having the story take place later, but I didn’t feel like you’d have enough time to build a relationship with Nobunaga and his vassals, if you catch my drift… So it’ll begin in 1557, same time Toyotomi Hideyoshi joins the Oda Clan.

I have to express my interest in this WIP. I adore historical fantasy and speculative historical fiction works.

So if the start date is when Kinoshita Tokichiro joins, if we are a foreigner will we be able to avert the crucifixion of the martyrs at Nagasaki? Even if the MC is not Christian, our MC might be married to or have good relations with Christians. I would like a chance to convince Saru not to pursue this course and if he asks me to go to Korea, I will just refuse. :slight_smile:

Another possibility, will we be able to avert or participate in the Incident at Honnouji? Or perhaps instead of Akechi Mitsuhide, a certain MC tries to seize power by declaring “the enemy is in Honnouji!”. Hopefully to greater success than kumquat head.

I’ll have to check with my coder, but that was all part of the plan. Due to my love for Nobunaga and it being my first game, a lot of it depends on Nobunaga and your choices. Despite Nobunaga’s ruthlessness, I think he was awesome. He understood economics, modernized the economy, traded internationally, supported the arts, and allowed western missionaries to preach.

I’m intrigued by this concept and am curious as to where you will take it. I’m also interested in what “class” you can be in this world. Samurai, ninja and priest seem to be relatively easy to do for both genders (Noble women who engaged in the samurai arts were known as onna-bugeisha) however there could be room for calligraphers, poets, or if you go with gender-specific routes, geisha could come into play.

Good luck in your endeavor!

Indeed, I am of the school of thought that the “Fool of Owari” was only regarded as such because he was too advanced for his day. Nobunaga, more than almost any other Sengoku daimyo, understood the key role money played in creating and fielding armies. He was immensely progressive for his day and was one of the most tolerant of daimyo. Not even under Uesugi Kenshin or Takeda Shingen could a lowly peasant like Hideyoshi become (effectively) the shogun.

And yes, Oda Nobunaga was not a nice person. No ruler in that era could be for very long really. The great men and women of history often left their mark while being pragmatically ruthless since they would not be able to hold power otherwise.

To echo @IronRaptor, I do hope that we get to choose our skill set as a vassal of the Oda clan. One possibility is that the MC is a vassal sent to study Namban science overseas (possibly Portugal, Spain or Holland) and returned to the Oda after completing a degree. What sort of studies determines your MC’s skills at the start of the game. This basically means that a Namban born foreigner who joins the Oda and a native born Japanese MC will have the same potential pool of skills which might streamline the game somewhat. One possible position I can think of is the captain of Nobunaga’s fledgling arquebus corps. On the other hand this option does cut down on replayability since both origins are mechanically similar but it does give the MC a purpose in the Oda as their liaison to the foreigners and resident expert on modern Western sciences.

If Nobunaga is in this that means are we dealing with samurai’s then right :smiley:im going for learning swordsmanship if its in this story

Love it. Make it. I will buy and play it. Love samurai. Love sengoku period. Love nobunaga. Do it

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A Nobunaga no Yabou CYOA game? AMAZING!

But, the main character is kinda familiar to me… Is him the Monkey??

Or is This Guy!??

If i travel back in time and wake in Owari i guess i’d look for Frois-sama or Nobunaga-dono since they were part of the few men from that time that speak my native language…

Is it possible for us to take Nobunagas place instead of Hideyoshi when he die? That’d be so cool! So what can we be to Nobunaga? Vassal? Scribe? Ninja? Priest? Monk? A mix? I’d think they’re should also be a choice to be of noble blood.

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Like in Nobunaga Concerto?

Sounds cathy!

Nice catch. Yasuke is my main inspiration for the foreigner background.

It largely depends on you.You’ll start off along side with Hideyoshi as servants and work your way up. I’m adamant about PCs being commoners.

We get to see lady No, hopefully Mitsuhide Akechi and Ranmaru Mori

is the game going to be similar to shogun 2? i’d be interested in reading even if it wasn’t though

Three questions:

Is there Dokuganryu?

And are there copious amounts of “parties”?

Is there Dokuganryu + copious amounts of “parties”?

Because in that case the only thing we’d be missing is a Motorhorsecycle (though not having a Motorhorsecycle isn’t terrible) and you’ve got one heck’uva selling point.

Oh, and Tadakatsu Honda… We need lotsa’ him too

Do I watch too much Sengoku Basara? Yes, yes, I do.

Tadakatsu Honda weapon is cool but Naomasa li
Weapon is amazing😎