My new CoG?!? Bushido Code

Alright so I been working on my CoG Bushido Code for about three weeks now and well…I stop and wondered if any of the people at the forum likes Samurai and stuff related to it… so I was wondering if you guys do like samurai things?

The story so far in the game is during the end of a War in the 1100 in Japan. (Based off real history but I can not reveal too much yet) You will be a samurai during that time fighting for either one of the two noble clan. Yes I will be giving the option of being a girl or boy. Yes I know girl samurai did not exist… Haha but hey! I’m mixing Fiction with Non Fiction… enjoy… You will be involve with famous people from that time and be able to develop relationships with them… There will be important decisions in the game that could change the course of history … Meaning that in history if Family “A” won the war, but you decide to fight for Family “B” , you could possible change the fate of Family “B” and history itself, if you make the right choices. :wink:

So tell me if you like what I have talked about so far? And if Samurai fiction mix with non fiction is something you would like…:):):):slight_smile: tell me in the comment.


Sounds good to me man! Just don’t add too much fiction. I sure they didnt have lasers back then and light sabers are a definite no.

Samurai are a great genre/topic for a CoG. I actually considered doing ninja and samurai before zombie apocalypse. One, I think people will want to read it, so there is built-in fan appeal. Second, there is so much conflict to build, so feudal Japan is a great setting.

Making a girl or boy samurai is fine. Like Choice of Broadsides, basically the reader just has to accept that one historical difference. Or you can say the girl pretends to be a boy just to learn.

Sounds like a great idea and can’t wait to see it.

Lol thanks for understanding that I mixed up fiction with non fiction… Hahaha… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha and thanks for the feed back… more motivation… :):):):):slight_smile:

wow. great idea. I can’t wait to read the preview. I’m looking forward to it.

Don’t know much about Japanese history, but samurai’s sound awesome. Pre-thumbs up~

I want a neeew gamee plz!!!

But I’m really into Japanese history so this might b my new fav game…

First: one thing about being a girl in Japan/China/East Asia in general: It is very realistic to accept that an Asian girl can pass herself off as an Asian guy. (It is realistic to accept that some European girls can do the same, but with Asian girls, or guys for that matter, it is all but given that with a little work you could never guess their gender.)

Two: More than any other feature, I’d love to see a ‘butterfly effect’ where endings include a little thing about how Japan has changed, and how that affect things in the following millennium.

Anyways, just my two cents. I can’t wait to see some kind of teaser for this.

… bro… hahaha best idea for a ending ever… thanks man… much love to the CoG community…:slight_smile:

I went diving of the coast of Japan before. And I saw and found a few stuff about samurai
I am good at history so easy to identify for me. :smiley:

Two points for ur two cents…females can past themselves off in tge Japanese army…

When do you think you can have a little preview out…?

Give me two more weeks at the minimum and a preview should be out… I ran into a writers block when trying to figuring out how to let you be a girl samurai and make it make sense… but that was already a while back… anyways Iyashii maybe two weeks buddy.

I think it would be fun if it was a Mu-Lan kind of thing for the girl samurai.

Lol funny… that’s exactly how I fixed the writer block… lolol…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. I’d laugh if you’d meet a little dragon and cricket XD

@MouaThug Thanks, but I can’t take credit for it. I remember it from a video game somewhere (I think it was on the PS2, but I can’t be sure).

Hey when are ya gonna show a demo or open beta or something?