A Shinobi's Tale(WIP)

i originally posted an interest check for my upcoming game A Shinobi’s Tale based loosely on the world of naruto. now i have actively started working on the game including a functioning(lmao mostly) demo.

As a refresher, You play as a young shinobi trying to navigate their way in the shinobi world. there are lots of features and extensiveness planned for the game. including romancing other characters of your choice(currently being implemented), extensive customisation (coded but not yet in the game), villages and clan affecting your unique jutsu or even dojutsu(coded but no implemented, additionally, im planning to have 4 villages playable with 2 clans per village, however if you would like me to increase it it please dont hesitate to give me ideas although the finish date will run away from us lol) You will be able to have 0-5 children(coded)make rivals, friends or enemies(coded, currently implementing) and so on.

(new update: currently implementing villages and clans) finished rough draft for the first chapter and will add more content to it. i plan on updating it every 2 weeks with a meaningful load. If you have any suggestions or observations finiding errors, spelling errors or plot holes please feel free to tell me

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/13596
This is a link to… well the link above A Shinobi's Tale(WIP)


So I thought this story is all about ninjas…well I’m not wrong but I didn’t expect it to be related to Narutoverse🤣. Don’t get me wrong tho, as a fan of the show, the story piqued my interest.


  1. Just make sure to not always use Naruto reference without putting Naruto glossary. I mean not everyone watched the show or read the manga. For example, if I’m not a weeb and saw dojutsu in my stats then I have no idea what the heck it is.

  2. I’m not completely sure but if you plan to make the setting the same as the Naruto anime, I suggest you explain things first. You know for the lore and those uncultured folks

  3. MC needs backstory. If its really Naruto-based and you’re really a fan you know the essence of backstory. I mean MC, as of now, feels like a regular shinobi NPC lol

  4. I expect MC can become ruthless and not just use talk no jutsu

Overall promising so far but it felt that it was only created for the Naruto fans


We have Demon Slayer related story
And now Naruto one? Man i really cant wait for another story related to anime verse like Bleach or AOT


Mc is giving me Itachi vibes, I love it


hey thanks for your sugestions, this was just a demo to see how the game plays out and if people such as yourself would respond well. im happy to see you like it. i want to point out;

  1. i have written alot of code i havent yet actually put in the playable game but is still very much part such as customisation and villages
  2. For the lore part, i am currently writing that whole part such as clans, villages, groups, legendary shinobi, great families etc. naturally every naruto fan woth their salt knows the true essense of a backstory lol
  3. if You notice, your age at the start of the game is 12 because you havent taken your chunin exams yet. obviously i can better make it more obvious and ill still make more improvements to it in the coming weeks so your feedback is appreciated. ii plan for you to play through your backstory as the “actual” Tale starts from when you are genin but i agree that i can add more backstory to the mc.
  4. i try to give a variety of choices for the MC such as a cold response, jovial, unaffected response or even aggressive. choices are the very core of my project so expect even more choice options by the next update.
    so i understand your feelings, the demo is meant to apeal to naruto fans just to get good judgement on the start of my project but after that ill revamp the game to be more “noob” friendly.

you bet it brother/sister. after this project, i still have 4 other anime related projectss coming up, such as one punch man with hero rankings and a large story(im not sure if i should actually include saitama yet), my hero academia with hero rankings and lore(this will feel more like the hero or villain series but more extensive), Bluelock with player rankings and everything in part 1 of the manga before you know what( trying to avoid spoilers part 2 will be the bluelock 2 project) and one undisclosed project for now


i try to offer more options for playing than the cold itachi style, i dont exactly want to force the players down one route if you feel this is the case please dont hesitate to tell me. thank you for enjoying my game though


What meaning will the ranks have?

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Ranks affect how others might react to you profession wise. They range from S to A,B,C,D. S rank shinobi are regarded highly as the strongest shinobi around and will get more money for missions including harder missions ( not yet implemented but planned) while D being the lowest means your skills as a shinobi will not be respected and you will not receive Any rank above yours in terms of missions i.e S rank missions can’t be taken by D rank shinobi but an A rank might be considered.


1st: Don’t take anything from Naruto.

If you do, you will never be able to host it anywhere. Its considered plagiarism.

2nd: You can use something as ‘Inspiration’, no issue there. But you will have to come up with your own things.

3rd: If you are going all Japanese, then ‘Young Female’ isn’t a thing. You are looking at ‘Kunoichi’ which is the term used for a female Shinobi.

4th: This need a lot more work. There is no substance, you are just asking questions as ‘Choices’. Where is the story?

Get rid of the ‘A,B,C…’ System at the beginning.

You also could use a Codex in the stats menu, that’s where you put information and lores.

Good Luck, just don’t take it to the road of Boruto! or DB GT! :rofl:


Hi thanks for your insightful feedback. To address your concerns;

  1. I already have a draft for replacements of copyrighted terms, words etc this demo was just to make it obvious it was based on Naruto…rest assured I will try my best to avoid copying. I appreciate your feedback on this regard

  2. Considering the female aspect. I am currently focusing on the guy’s route first because the female route might experience drastic difference in experience so it’s difficult to work on both. The young female is just a place holder for kunoichi and other terms I’m still writing on paper but rest assured I’ll fix it thank you for noticing. Or I can just go the kishimoto route for female characters :sob::rofl: joking

  3. For the story I understand there is not much there. It feels ambitionless at the start although I’ve mapped out starting, middle and ending points with clear definitions I find myself struggling to fill the holes leading up to said points, not for lack of ideas but lack of how to understand and utilise my ideas. I have played hundreds of text based games and I find myself learning more about world building and storytelling. The demo is just an idea and will be fleshed out with more updates as I keep learning and improving, sorry if this disappointed you i appreciate your insight.

  4. For the A,b,c thing I plan to remove that anyway :joy: I was caught between giving extra advantages for those who want to experience an easier game or harder but ended up indecisively not doing anything with it. I’ll remove it and create an option instead for an easier game instead

  5. For the codex I have already crafted the code for it I just haven’t put it in the stats yet but that’s the exact line of thought I had thank for the suggestion.

I’ll probably make a shinobi tale next generations if you make me​:rofl::pray::joy:


I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to place an original story in the same universe though? It might be a little different but I know numerous IFs are set exactly in TTRPG worlds that are technically also copyrighted. As long as the plot and characters are original it isn’t necessarily plagiarism.




I so wish this true but alas… At least I hope Kishimoto does same thing Akira Toriyama did with Dragon Ball GT and Super

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Found a error

hi i probably shouldve put this in the game but there isnt anything there on the current version, im still writing the lore but as soon as im done ill update it


Ah. Okay no problem. The demo is short but the concept is intriguing & I can’t wait to play more

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Yep, with one example being Shadowrun: Neon Fire, WiP by James Shaw, creator of the Relics series. It’s set in basically the exact same world, but the story and the characters and possibly the organisations(I haven’t really played original Shadowrun so I can’t be certain) are all original. I think as long as the author doesn’t intend to make any money off of this, which would be grounds for a case, I think they’re fine.


Whatever you end up doing, 10/10 demo for this alone :rofl: :skull_and_crossbones:


I think that you can create it as a fanfiction or transformative fan work, but you can’t profit from it. That’s a baseline rule that governs fanwork (including fan games) for most properties (I am unsure about the exact situation for Naruto specifically).