Death's Tale (WIP without a demo yet)


Hello to all who may read this. This is my first story and in all honesty it’s not very far along at this point. It’s also probably not very good either. In fact I don’t even have a demo yet (though that is me trying to figure out how to get choice script to work more so than the actual content of the story.) In my own opinion this is probably quite premature as I had planned to have the intro done by this time, However I felt it would be best to test the waters as it were and make sure that I wouldn’t be lynched on the spot.
The story itself is itself is rather simple as it follows you on our quest to kill the gods. Why you’re killing the gods shall be hidden for the moment since spoilers and all, but I feel it is suitably justified and when it comes about I hope you feel the same.This happy tale is taking place in a high fantasy world of my own creation, which makes use of ideas that are common to such settings as well as some that are entirely unique to me and my friend who helped me create some of the ideas for creatures and such.

You begin your tale with an intro which covers you as you are about to do battle with the King of the gods, during which time you will be asked certain questions which will define your character, such as gender, name and other basic stats.

After that happens you move onto the actual beginning of the tale during which you find out who you were prior to your god killing rampage, which was a farm boy/girl, meet your younger sibling who is currently named george until I come up with something better (feel free to leave suggestions if you want) and we begin to form the basis of your personality. If all goes according to plan this is going to be rather important as my hope is to include reactions beyond just favoritism based on how you act, such as comments on sudden changes or depending on what your personality is even continuing with certain reactions in situations in which they are uncalled for such as joking while attending a funeral. Hopefully this will add immersion to the story.

Anyway after you are done with this step you should move onto the first real quarter of the game, during which you build up your character, and become a servant of the gods. While you will have learned a small amount of the world in the intro this is where you are going to learn about most of it such as the countries and species that inhabit it. These include Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dragons, and this one weird group of sentient snakes which will probably be more important later. That or dead, depending on what you decide.

The second quarter deals with your motivations for killing the gods, the first god you kill, becoming a god, and gathering followers and power as you go. The second half is where you begin killing off all the other gods and begin to see just how far you are really willing to go in order to win.

Now though I have to warn two things. One is that this story isn’t going to always be pleasant to say the least. I have every intention to cover unhappy subjects such as torture, fantasy racism, slavery, Disease, the death of children and innocents, Demons (not the nice ones) cannibalism and any other twisted thing that I feel fits into the story. In fact every last thing in that list has a part in the story in my head, and while you may not deal with all of them in a single play through you will deal with some of them, whether by preforming them yourself or witnessing them happen. You can stop some, but you can also fail to do so. While this is not the entirety of the story it is a major part of it and the main reason I’m putting this topic earlier then originally intended. While I will not be overly graphic during such moments this story is not intended for children nor those who want a entirely happy story. There are many other wonderful stories on this site that aren’t as dark as what I intend to write such as community college hero by Hornheadfan. You have been warned and while I may be willing to restrain certain aspects if it is highly requested I will not remove them and if that is the only option I would rather remove my story altogether.

Secondly I must warn that I am not even a novice writer. Reading this in the beginning will most likely be a grueling prospect filled with bad dialog, grammar and many spelling errors. Even when we finally finish with that the story may not even be inherently entertaining. My experience with writing up to this point has been : Essays and letters, quite a bit of reading, of many different subjects, and helping a friend build a world for a book he was writing, and a few badly written short stories for friends and family. I will try my best and I expect to improve though it shall be an … interesting journey for all of us.

Finally I will include a very small teaser of my intro, until I can figure out how to get that darn choice script to do as I command. Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions or call me a Plebeian or whatever.

You stand in a hall filled with magnificent carvings in the shape of men and women, both beautiful and horrifying at the same time. Each bust is formed of precious metals and stone carved in such a perfect likeness that they seem if they would turn and speak at any moment. 

    You stand in a hall filled with such treasure that even the wealthiest of kings, the most powerful men and women in the world, would swell with envy at the sight. Gems the size of men, Rivers of molten gold at the sides and mountains of rings made of silver.
    You stand in a hall Lined with the grandest armours, the sharpest blades and the strongest bows, ready to be taken up in their master’s defence.
    You stand in the Hall of the Gods. The place most mortals would weep in joy and fear to see even a glimpse of, let alone stand inside.
    You stand in their Tomb.


PLEBEIAN! I shall not play your game!

Just kidding, it sounds like an interesting idea. Good luck getting the demo out.


Thanks I’m going to need all the luck I can get to figure this Choice script out. :sweat:


Sounds cool. Will the first god we kill determine our powers?


Just barely caught me before I logged off for the night. Anyway to answer your question yes but only to a point. So how you become a god is by killing the previous god of whatever your becoming god of. So I’m debating one of two things either A) you get to work towards one of three gods, Which will set you up on significantly different ways to do so, and each individual god would grant a boost to one of the three main stats, or B) I could leave it with only one god you get to kill, but that section would go into more detail about the god and how you get to him.
Your powers are going to be more based on who and what you have following you, and how you act before and after you become a god. So say you have a tribe of Orcs following you, Then your going to probably going to complete physical challenges easier, but if you have say gnomes, your going to have an easier time getting other mortals to like you more. Of course Orcs eat Gnomes so you can’t have both so that’s going to be were diversification really comes in.


@anyhelpbob i say totally go for it! :laughing: it sounds really good and something i would absolutly love to play :grinning:


We get to kill a god, and become a god. This seems very interesting


This reminds me of god of war…
Sooo… what types of gods will there be ,please let there be a god of death and darkness…


Yup there most definitely is. In fact he’s one of those initial gods you can kill. He was actually the first god you replaced originally, unless I go the route with multiple Starting gods to choose from. However He’s not actually a bad guy, he acts more like a grandfatherly figure rather than a doom and death or whatnot.


@GloriaRose, @Specter Thank you both for support. I’m very glad to see that people are looking forward to my story.


That’s how it goes most times the death god is almost never evil.


Yeah, It’s actually the goddess of roses that’s Evil.


This isn’t normally the type of game I play, but it sounds interesting. Sentient snakes? Haven’t heard of that before :smile:


Yeah that’s one of a few different races that I am designing myself. for the snakes themselves my hope is to allow the Player to effect the growth of this races culture and possibly even the physical evolution, depending on how willing you are to change your followers. But I’m trying to add interesting twists to the other more well known Creatures as well, but most of those are spoilers. Hopefully there will be surprises at every turn.


That sounds like an amazing idea :smiley: how would the player effect the changes? There would be a lot of replay value if you did that.


Well physically you can change them into a number of different reptilian species, or leave them as snakes. They start off as unable to speak with anyone outside their own species on account of being, well snakes. Of course being a god you can understand most languages, even if you couldn’t do so originally, and communicate via them. You can give them the power to talk in a more normal fashion, which is actually how you get them to follow you (slight spoiler I guess but meh). from then on you can experiment with them which can lead to them becoming say, a lizard-man, Dragons or something similar. Of course you won’t know the outcome originally, and I plan to add possible failed options that may lead to them dying out if your character isn’t smart enough.

Culturally is mostly based around your cult and what you require of them. Some potential followers are already settled in their ways (Like say most human groups) but others are relatively new and modifiable, like the snakes. So if you make say a Cult that eats babies in worship to you, Humans might back up abit and only have smaller cults of baby-eaters while the snakes will then begin to form their society around baby-eating or whatever else you decide to have them do. Of course to make up for the ability to mold them to your wishes you have to lose other potential followers who may start off more powerful or useful to you.


As a side not I feel I should explain a few Mechanics of how the game is going to work. To begin with your character themselves are going to only have three stats, Which are Might, which covers the physical prowess of you and your followers, Magic, which covers the overall intellectual capabilities of you and your minions as well as how much magic you can use in general, and Social which covers how charming you are and how well liked by society in general your cult is. So if your priests start get burned at the stake you might have let your stat fall a little low.
If any of these fall to 0 you lose. While the game portion isn’t supposed to ruin the story portion, you still have to watch out for creating crusades against you and your cult. however they should be easy enough to keep up, unless you repeatedly get your head cut off, or start eating babies.
However you will also (once you become a god) begin getting followers who should start showing up in the stat page, and they will do a number of things, like helping you pass certain tasks you would normally fail at. They should also be commented on later on if I don’t die off in the middle of this project.
There are a total of 20 possible groups of followers, though you can only have 10 at a time, as the Races of the still unnamed world don’t all get along very well.That number may change depending on if I come up with new races or if I decide to Kill a couple off.
And the final group of stats will be your personality, and how you normally act. These should include joksterVserious and RuthlessVMercy. Please note that this isn’t good or evil, as I can’t judge that for everyone, but Ruthless or Mercy are easy to look at objectively.
Hopefully I’ll be getting the intro(Which is very,very small) up in a couple days to help you get a feel for my writing style in general, after which we’ll get rolling to finish up the character creation and then conquer the world! Ahem sorry wrong site.


So I can’t just have a kingdom surrounded by impales corpses?
Surprised there is no agility stat…


You can, it will just hurt your social stat, though it will probably increase your relation with one of the possible group of followers in exchange.

That’s included in the Might stat.


This sounds like a really cool concept and can’t wait for the demo