Ideas and a storyline


I have had idea for a while about making a game with choice script. Basically I have the storyline planned and thought I would share it. I need some ideas about the roles and the characters.

The story takes place in the fantasy land of Euraka during middle ages. Its been 500 years since the first meeting of the mighty Black Council and the land is once more setting into turmoil. With the northern and southern borders insecure and the east and west being invaded by vicious orc hoards. To add to the trouble the rest of the land is on the verge of civil war with dozens of vicious warlords sparring with each other. You take take the role of a descendant of one of the members of the Black Council .

And that is what I have so far. I was planning you could choice your race (or be a hybrid) and basically depending what race you are either be living in or out out of the land. Here are some races and important aspects of the story.

The Black council is a meeting of 15 people that come together only when called by the Gods in a times of great crisis.


Elves- Cunning , Logical , and fast not that strong , thinks before acts

Human- Can be a little of everything

Orc- Strong , greedy , Stupid

Gnome - Small , Highly creative ,

So if some of you could give me some ideas I would appreciate it. I dont plan to start it yet. Maybe around September or October. I am still planning the layout.


How were the Black Council formed? How are the members chosen? Did the gods select the 15 most powerful warriors/mages in the world? or were the nominated by their own races?

Are the Black Council still around? you use the word descendant which is generally meant to be further down the blood line which suggests they are no longer around?

Other things you could think about is do the members of the Black Council possess any powers that non-members don’t have?

***For example***

I wrote a story once where the Gods chose five people to be their eyes on the world, four picked from each of the main kingdoms and one who didn’t have a home. Together they were known as the Riders and they each possessed a special power. Magic in this world was common and was based on the four basic elements however the gods made it so each Rider could wield an element noone else could.


You need to establish what kind of organisation they are and whether working for the gods gave them powers to carry out the wishes of the gods?

Its a good start keep at it and I’m sure you can make a good game :slight_smile:

If you need any more help with ideas just ask and I will see if I can help


Also, I think the Human=Little of everything is a turnoff while playing.
Give 'em something along the lines of, being able to tinker with things? Or maybe that should be elves, as they would have slender-er fingers…
But you get my point? I hate it when they say little of everything, Humans are my least favorite race in any rpg that gives you choices.


Nocturnal_Stillness@- Thanks for the feedback. I did plan for them to have something special about them. I didn’t decide if it were a power or an ability though. You mentioning how they are chosen sparks an idea in me. And as for being around maybe can there can be an avatar , spirit, or wraith somewhere along the line of that. Thanks for the support :smiley:

MrYoungzman@- Good point I wont pay attention to humans that much in less the people want me to. But there are some things I can make tinkering with if you no what I mean >:-)


I’ve been thinking of some ideas for you and have a read of this timeline and let me know what you think?


500 years ago - The Black Council is formed.

300 years ago - The Black Council are the most powerful group in the world.

100 years ago - After centuries of peace, the Black Council agree to disband.

Now - start of your Game.


If you’re thinking of an avatar, spirit, wraith why not have it so that one member of the Black Council used his power/ability to seal himself within a statue/crystal in case the Black Council was needed once more. This member can be who teaches the player about the history of the Council and their power/ability?


Thanks for the ideas. There will be a timeline I would need to explain the reason the council was formed and what effects it had on the people , bad guys, etc. I like your idea about one of the members he/she sealing themselves in something. That can make a big impact on the story. Right now I am writing the story down so I dont have to make it up as I go along its very time consuming. /:slight_smile:



Just a little suggestion, but maybe make your world a bit more expansive? Right now it seems fairly limited. Also Warlords? what race are they? What are the established Kingdoms? How is the main character going to find and convince the other descendents.


I always like the idea of a Kingdom that is scientifically advanced going against those using magic. e.g. Massive battlerams and armoured giant animals going toe to toe with meteors being shot across the sky…

Also, when it comes to warlords, are they tribals, nomads, uniters or conquerors?

i.e. are they a tribe with strange beliefs, nomads who go never settle down, raiding and pillaging, uniters of tribes, bringing them together under one federation, or as conquerors merging tribes into theirs or killing those against them?’

Also, are there any famous Warlords? Someone called Erik the Nomad, for example, who conquers tribes not yet experiencing the “modern” world, or Tyne the conqueror, etc.


Could the Black Council be a behind-the-scene guys(kinda James Bond feeling to it) controlling/helping the chaotic land with most, if not all, the denizens of the land not even being aware that it exist?

Or perhaps the Black Council is well known and all view them as either harbingers of their doom or their dark salvation? Kinda like Rambo-style I guess…

I also like the magic vs tech idea, so if there are both in the story could the Black Council use both to their advantage.

So in some way you can go to each conflicted area and bring peace…or a blood bath, you’re choice. After all, this is CoG! :smiley:


While I like Magic vs Technology as a premise but I also like them as alternatives.

For example say only some races can use magic, the others have to settle for artificial magic (ie an Elf can throw a fireball where as a human has to use a fire bomb etc)


The warlords I plan are a savage people from the north that fought in a war before the main storyline and settled down after the war. If u know who the Mongols are kind of like them.

And the idea for Technology vs Magic well If i were to include I might switch the era if I were to do that. If you guys want it I can try to fit it in somewhere but since dark ages technology was kind of simple compared to today. But bombs are a good idea though.

As in regards to the Black Council this is what I decided for them. As I said in the Introduction they are a group of 15 people called together by the gods and chosen by their races. When chosen by their races (their people communicate with the gods) and are sent to a sacred location( undecided ) and there they convene. After there first meeting some exist between the world of the living and the dead some are still living some are dead. I still need to plan the workings of the council and where they are located.

And here is something fun I need 7 Gods of Balance, Evil, Good , Sky , Time , Earth , Ocean.
There are also two high gods one is neutral and one is evil I would take care of If you guys dont mind can each of you give me some ideas for each god. Mainly personality , name, and who worships them. I will probably take one idea from each person on 1 god and merge it.

Thanks for the support guys



How about this (for the Earth god)

Her name is Gaia, she is worshipped by the Elves as she looks after the land.

Personality- she is wise, gentle and kind but is unforgiving against those that harm her baby (the earth).

The Elves have worshipped her for longer than they can remember. In return for being the her guardians she taught them how to commune with the earth allowing their scouts to move silently and hide quickly.


God: Evil…or balance…or neither…
Name: Magosi
Personality: An artificial God, has split personalities ranging from a child-like attitude to being down right brutal. Also easily gullible.
Followers: A heresy group wanting a physical God that they can control, they created a body of technology fueled by magic/souls of their most die-hard followers that could possibly have just enough power to challenge any of the 7 Gods.



Time God

Name Chronos

Personality= Wise seen it all been it all. Might be more mysterious then the other gods due to the fact the future is never clear. Always taking the most out of each moment.

Followers: Those who live on the fringes of reality. Who can weave time or unravel it.



Name Uranus

Personality= Which ever way the wind blows. He constantly changes his mind and mood and is slightly Mad but accepts it and uses it to his advantage.

Followers= A group of Gnomes who are looking to be able to go high above the other races and is constantly trying to fly.


At my first god post: evil god

God#2: Balance
Name: Norn
Personality: Indescriminate of good or evil, always balancing the two so that one does not overpower the other. Logically emotionless.
Followers: Like minded people from all races.



I like the suggestion but maybe you should change his name to equinox?



I don’t mind, but it all comes down to Nack’s decision.


To add to my earth god

Gaia likes to walk amongst the portals, usually she creates a body out of nature to do this, however every ten years a female elf is chosen to become her vessel for the duration of her visit (this is considered a great honor amongst the elves)


@cool74- The time god Chronos I really like the name it has that punch to it. About his followers there would need to be some limits on their powers though other than that its a really good idea. If you want you can pick a race that worship him or I can make a race or you can If you want.

@gnoise- About your idea for the balance god. Norn is a very fitting name to the word balance if you want you can change it I am not picky. And the followers are really good. When I make more races that would be neat. And about Magosi if you dont mind I would like to make him a God that is living but no one knows it but still has everything you mentioned.

@Nocturnal_Stillness- I like the idea of a girl Earth god the name and the followers really fit the title.

And what do you guys think of a high god two to be precise.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: