New Game Idea: Based on Mythology


Just wanted to see what people would think of a game based in Ancient Greek Mythology. My research has begun and the first part of the game is underway. I’m completely new to coding, so any advice would be appreciated. I’m a great writer and hope to get the lite version out within a month or two. All feedback appreciated.


will you be a god or a child of one?what adventures will you have?


God’s will not be an option until later in the game. That is of course if you choose the path of a demigod. It will not be easy to become a god.

And the characters I’m creating will live the life of a person in a Myth. I’m pretty much letting the player choose if they want to focus on romance, adventure, or fame.

I’ve been researching a lot of the role of.different people in society of ancient Greece. So my characters will range from that of a slave or the daughter/son of a powerful king.

Research is the biggest key at the moment to make this come alive.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Or any ideas.


I like the idea of life from the slaves point of view, like how they get treated and stuff. I thinks its a new idea as well :smiley:


JossieE, you’ll definitely enjoy the game then. Whenever I’ve mastered the coding process a lite version will be up and running. The slave point-of-view was actually the easiest to research, surprisingly. I will release a little more information next week on characters I’ve developed.


I like the idea!

If you go with the demi-god route consider creating a god to be the characters mother/father then you can let players form the god throughout the story which affects the stats of their character.


Nocturnal_Stillness, awesome idea. I am just having issues with straying from actual history. I think I want to keep all the original Greek gods, but based on the father/mother they choose would add to one of the stats.

For example, if I were to take the demigod path and I choose Athena the goddess of wisdom as my mother. I’d get a boost in Mind.


Oh. And my stat ideas are as follows; Might, Stamina, Mind, Charm, Attractiveness, Spirit, Ego, Awareness, and Fate.

Good stats or no? Throw some more stat ideas.


are you gonna a have a moral stat? and the range of the personality can be from hero to antihero or even a main PC that is a villain.


i also think you should add bravery also i think you should quiz the player on which one their god parent is (ex: attractiveness=aphrodite, might= Zeus)


i figure since its all about choice that you don’t need to be a good guy or a villain but you can if you want or something in between like a hero who is self serving’s hence the ego stat or a villain with a moral code or even neutral. and of course you can be a hero or a villain to.


i also think that certain experinces should prove if your good or bad( kill someone= bad save a baby=good


djma46, I’ve thought about doing the whole hero/villain status in the game based on a secret stat of popularity.

Example, you are a young slave going to the Market for your master’s wife when you take a longer route through the woods. As you walk a sound grows louder and louder until it becomes clear that its a scream. Your options would be to investigate or to continue to the market. Investigating would be heroic, but following your master’s demands would be honest.

That’s not a scene in the game, but one that could happen. You see?

Investigating could lead to a heroic act… maybe even increasing your status to something more than a slave… but even the option of just continuing on could increase your status from a lower rank slave to one with more respect. Does that make sense?


i agree with @djma46 that you could choose how you were orphaned or born of (Zeus wanted you to have a good life so he left you at a door step of the king).


alexxjames, could you define secret stat popularity is it hidden? but the rest sound good.

ps: could you tell us other background you have thought off since slave is on one end and son of a king is the other what in between?


And on the topic of villian, like zane said… Being a villian would be based on your own choices. What stat could determine the villian status though? Or should I do a good/evil stat that starts out 50/50 and your decisions sway that. And should I make it something like…

75% good is hero/ 75% bad is villian.
Obviously the names in the game will be more creative… But something along those lines to determine status.


One thing I think people need to understand about ancient heroes is that they should not be judged using modern moral codes. Heroes were people who did larger than life deeds. It was more about the scale of their acchomplishments than how good they were. Many heroes like Heracles and Odysseus also committed acts of theft, murder and rape.

Also, most of the ancient Gods were not loving creators who cared for their worshipers. They were often incredibly vains, brash and selfish beings who were to be placated through sacrifice, but might reward people who impressed them.

And finally, Hades was not an “evil” god. That always bugged me in movies and cartoons. Yes he was the god of death, but he was not the equivalent of Satan. He was no more wicked or terrible than any other god. Hera and Poseiden, or even Zeus are just as likely to be the villain in any given story.


Zane, I was actually thinking about when you are choosing what you are and if you were to choose the path of something other than a demigod to ask a few questions like…

-What are your parents like?
And you choose if you have both, just one, or adopted.

-What do you dream of?
And based on your dream, follow up with who your father/mother is.


djma46, other character options.

Farm boy
Olympic athlete
King’s Son

Sailor’s Daughter
King’s Daughter
…need more girl ideas


Vermander, see I’ve read a little bit about the cruelty of heroes and the perception through stories/movies.

I thought about having certain decisions making the character popular to citizens and then some decisions being popular with the gods. Coding is the issue with that.