Sengoku game idea


Long time fan of choice of games/hosted games. Played almost all the games. I would like to try making one of my own. Looking for feed back. The general outline is I want to make a samurai game based on the sengoku period. Yes I know we already have soh but I want to try and keep it more historically accurate. The general idea is it drops you into the time period and it’s up to you to change history. Will you be a great general of an army, will you be a Ronin or possibly attempt to become shogun yourself. Please give feed back and feel free to drop ideas. I want to know what people want.


Interesting idea.If you need help for research and such then I could help.


Sounds like a good idea wish u luck


Not that I’m trying to rain on your parade, I’m very interested as a matter of fact, but I wondered as to the exact time frame the game might take place in since the Sengoku jidai could be considered to be nearly 150 years if you go from the Onin War all the way up to the fall of Osaka. (Oh yeah, spoilers by the way people.)

A more conservative estimate, based on the fall of Osaka again but counting from Nobunaga’s victory at Okehazama would still stretch about 90 years.

Regardless of all that, it’s a brilliant period to work in, full of interesting characters and I hope you make good on the idea.


Yeah I’m not 100 percent sure where exactly I’m going to set the time period of that. I’m thinking about possibly having to go with following up with your characters children and then follow there story. But that might be a pain in might just set it towards the end of the period


I thought of that myself but didn’t want to impose. I suppose if you were to play as one of your character’s children you could round down from their stats with some sort of fairmath wizardry and then start stat building from there again. Choicescript is a fun medium isn’t it?

Setting it towards the end of the period might be the way to go but that means you’ll probably lose Nobunaga and Shingen and some other interesting characters which would be a real shame.

Still get the lustful monkey chancellor though I suppose and obviously Yukimura being awesome.


If it’s at or past the end of the period and you’re playing as the surviving children of some of the more prominent figures at that time, what are your thoughts regarding the Imjin war?


Sounds interesting, definetely would play something like this. Of course I would want to become Shogun.


I rather be a Ronin because I can a wonder around free and make a name for myself as a samuri for hire


I diffinetly plan on letting you be a Ronin. I want to give as many options as possible


I’m open to opinions. It’s such a great time in history and I’d love to cover as much of it as possible. Of coarse I want to have Oda nobunaga date masamune, Takada shingen , Tokugawa IYasu.


Do you plan on including historical samurai figures such as Oda Nobunaga or Sakamoto Ryoma?


Honestly would like it a lot but again it all depends on time periods do to the many interesting historical figures. But you can also make your own assumptions on character because we do not know everything about them. You can make it just as if not more interesting characters as the ones in history. What I would like to know would be the combat styles of your character or what kind of weapons they could use? One of my favorite parts about choice of games is the romance options. Last thing I would think another path as a ninja would be pretty cool we only have one of those on choice of games


I am considering a ninja path. There is so much I want to do with it but with more options comes more writing and coding so we will see. It is my honest intention to have 4 different paths. You could be the leader of your own clan an try to become shogun. A general in another army. A wandering Ronin or a ninja assassin. There will be more to come. I want to know what people want and I will do my best to incorporate everything into it. Also of coarse there will be romance options but more on that to come. As for fighting styles it will take some research but I do want to incorporate different fishing styles. Perhaps the duel wielding technique founded by mussashi.


It depends on what everyone else wants. I’m open to input. Would you rather be part of an already known family? Or would you rather create your own? As for the imain war really interested in that period. I honestly think hidioshi would have eventually conquered all of Asia if he did not pass away.


I’d love to see a game with Nobunaga and all the other great lords of that era. I try to play games set in that period whenever I can and would love to help Nobunaga rise to power with my PC’s help. ^^


A Japanese conquest of East Asia is a nightmarish vision that I think would fortunately have been almost impossible to pull off. The Ming, for all the issues and debts that the war would plague them with, ere still the biggest force around and would have been a nightmare to occupy… especially since their and the Korean navy under Admiral Yi had done horrible things to the Japanese supply lines.

If the Shogun had had a more limited ambition or a better diplomacy (his messengers had a tendency to rewrite his messages so that they wouldn’t get outright killed when they delivered them), he might have had better results and brought some mire limited territories under his power, though. Certainly something that requires some research.

I’d be partial to a fictional clan or a rise from an unknown peasant or something who’d ended up in service to a lord. More flexibility that way.


My plan is to give you options for your birth. One is where you are the son of a clan leader and grow up to take over the clan. Possibly having competition with an older or younger sibling. Similar to how date masamune did. Another option is for you to start off in a regular village start off as an ordinary soldier and work your way up the ranks to become a renowned general and assist you Lord in choice in conquering Japan. There will always be an option of becoming a Ronin and possibly a third route where you become a ninja.


I want to cover as much as possible but it is a lot of work.


Will what always helps me is to start with the people of it world. Like for example your siblings from your clan (If you want they could be either gender) and your parents(you could start off with the same characters just to start off with) Also a childhood friend or a mentor is usual at the begining. After that I try to make something to get the mains ass in gear. Like on or around your 15th birthday one of your siblings try to kill you. In fear for your life you run off to join military where you meet two soldiers that you become friends with as you go up the tanks you meet ninja, and nobles. That be a good amount there I hope it helps.