My first Cog ! But what is it gonna be

So i was thinking lets write a Cog but wich one is it going to be i have the following ones
NOTE: (because i’m very busy with school and other stuff and its my first time with choicescript its gonna take very long even for the demo :L )

  1. Legend of the Ancient Tomes
    This story is about a legend of a hero that wil save the world “Centurya” from the Vøid a pure evil
    To do this he must find the godness if light.
    On his way he learns about himself his power and destiny.
    A story about Myth, Action, Love, and much more (this one i like most)

  2. Time W4rp
    In this story you are part of a elite team of soldiers called “Warp Force” they have special ecuipment wich they can use to stop time for a short time and teleport.
    When the earth gets under attack by a mechanic kind of aliens called Krypto’s, you and the Warp Force are the only hope for humanity (together with the earth’s army the UAA united aliance army)

So just pick one !!! because there both asooooowme 8->

I dont like be force to be a good hero and fight the darkness, so i say the second looks cool and fun to play

Alright. @MaraJade If you don’t want to ride giant eagels and stuff
But still a good choice

Well I’d say you go with what u like best but imma throw in my vote for Time W4rp (seriously when was the last time Someone did something like that?)

If you’re clever and allow your choices to actually ‘warp’ time (and see the results of such), I’d definitely enjoy reading the latter.

@P0RT3R i dont say it was bad the first.But i hate be force to be good guy in fantasy settings, i think i tired to jrpg. And its so common plot but i like, star wars, harry potter and lord of the rings and its the basic plot on them

I understand 8->

I understand Maras point because i share it but totally switched around.
@MaraJade Are you alright with being forced to be the bad guy?

@PORT3R I like both alot. They both sounds so AWESOME, so its hard to choose but i must say I like the 1st one the most, partly because its description said love in it which implied to me that there was going to be some romance in :slight_smile:

@Cloudian my love for roleplaying come from the idea of freedom, im free to play evil you are free to be good. Something jap role games dont have

I vote for the first one as long as I don’t have to be too ‘good’(So if I get to make selfish choices still close enough)

jap role games?

Final fantasy, dragon quest zelda @Cloudian dont you play them?

@Cloudian Just a quick note:

JRPGs are normally more linear with little or no direction from the player other than when to go to the next story point or which side quests (which don’t affect the main plot at all) to follow. Final Fantasy is probably the most well known series that embodies the full list of stereotypes. They are (in short) light on the “role playing” aspect of RPGs and heavier on game play (such as the battle mechanics of Final Fantasy).

Western RPGs are normally normally open ended where the player is allowed to roam as they will and do what they want, including ruin the story line and other such things. The Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series (and Planescape Torment, you know the King of RPGs) typifies such games.

Also @Everyone, please avoid using “Jap” as a word. It is indeed considered offensive.

Sorry i dont know i really thnk in english that was the proper world

Goodmorning aaaaaand it looks like ““Time W4rp”” is winning by now!!!

I wil be waiting until this afternoon to see wich one i’m gonna do buuuuuut maby i’m waiting until tomorow

So do you chooce to be the… O wait if i’m gonna say that i wil spoil the intire story (the first one)
Or are you going to fight […]

Let me give some more information because i have nothing else to do right now

Legend of the Ancient Tomes
There wil be romance yes.
There wil be a pet giant eagle with golden armor.
You wil have special powers…

Time W4rp
You can chooce from multiple country’s for your background
And the main weapon for the Warp force wil be the gar-aug 3 (its a modernised AUG 3 with gauss 12V launchers at both sides)
Gauss is a electromagnetich ion pulse (i’m not sure about the ion)

If you want to see AUG 3 just type in google “AUG 3 rifle”

@P0RT3R why not let people choose the big pet? or at least choose the colour is a choice game after all. Why golden and no black or orange? I cant chose be bad i cant chose my pet leave me at least the colour of his feathers :-)) its a joke. And warp looks cool i imagine me like shepard with all this weapons please do the second

You can choose the name of the pet and you can choose between 3 abbilitys for him or her

There wil also be a side arm and sniper rifle in Time W4rp

What really i can choose the name? wow how deep character choice 8-| i want play the first to see how much player can choose i supouse i least can choose my romance interest, dont i? Make the story so damn good to make me forget the lack of choices, please