What Type Of C.O.G. are you looking for


Post what genre you would like too see in a choice game Setting, Powers and ect?? :grinning:


I want to work on one where a huge E.M.P. go’s off while you where traveling in a aeroplane and you and a bunch of survivors have to become the new civilization with hope of contacting other survivors and should be a trilogy


Sounds interesting. If you really want to go through with it, look at the make your own games tab.


I Currently am having a mess around but I honestly don’t think I’m smart enough to write one haha
can only give a try I guess


Umbrakinesis is a power I want to see explored in games with powers. Don’t get me wrong, I love energy powers (especially force fields), but being able to slip into shadows and manipulate them is just awesome. That being said… Sci-fi or Fantasy is definitely my preferred genre.


God Cogs like The Followers by @Maxmansung ,absolutely wonderful wip, hits all my good spots for a GOD COG hehehe

Thing about God cogs is the sheer possible diversity of it omg, it can easily overwhelm any ambitious author, kudos to anyone daring enough to attempt them :blush:

Oh and …Magic related COGs cuz, The magic mannn, the zap zap, boom boom sparkle sparkle


@Lithophene I really like your idea where would you this story like in the medieval times or maybe even further back to like cave man times or in a post apocalyptic world maybe in a perfect world but in the middle of a human vs alien war


@Xhandas_Antonidas i haven’t read much of them but i really liked Champion of the Gods and all the different gods you can choose to follow


I would like to see a sort of cyberpunk world where you play a hacker or something like that


First I must say that your idea sounds very much like LOST and after how it ended lets say I am not very fond of this idea. However if it was handled well.

Personally I would like to see game set in space. Something like two factions locked in eternal war where the story would be different for both factions. Acctualy I might start to write this.


@Vladimir_M it wouldn’t be a lost rip off instead of trying to get off they rebuild because they found out some how the rest of the world is the same threw some kind of communication that’s not effected by the EMP and you would have all these certain challenges like if you manage to get the right stuf your position in the group could change like a warrior leader or the peoples leader or you could be low on the new society ranking because of your mistakes or something along them lines.

And i must admit i really like the space storys or sci/fi and mecha optoins


See, I’ve had an idea whereby the Christian morality’s (God/Lucifer) fight descends to Earth, with each side choosing it’s champions. You (duh) are one of said champions, and the game would be based of off the war and your struggle. Also, it allows me to legitimately have succubus/inccubus in a game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@Dannyrulx omg that idea could turn itself into something amazing. I would love to have a demon army to do my bidding for me :grin:


Well when you put it like that it sounds much better. I am interested how it will progress.