Inspiration for a game


I’d like to get into a project, creating a game to be exact. I was wondering if anyone wanted to request a particular style of game, or ask for a background or any type of charactor. I’d like to get started as soon as possible so please let me know. :wink:


I thought of the first days of having a super power – like invisibility or the ability to stop time. Someone develops this ability, and the game revolves around living life and how it affects encounters from work, relationships to catching criminals or even being a criminal.


That’s a very interesting idea! If I create it I’ll be sure to give you the credit for the idea, that applies to anyone else also giving ideas.


What about some sort of assassin illegal clan. i think it would be cool where you are found/ born by assassins and stuff. I’ve always wanted to play an assassin you put in stuff like they fall in love with their target or some politician or maybe they are out to get revenge or just want to be the best assassin out there!
there’s just so much you could say! and they dont have to be human it could be in some sort of middle earth type place or it could be modern times!


How about a scifi/fantasy game that has a plot that has you choose one of a three path choices through life three different times. Like you start your life as a child in modern times when one day you run into either a mad scientist, a wizard, or mutant professor like in xmen and that is when you get to choose your ability then later in life you have to make a choice again and that is when you choose your courier and finally you make a last choice and this one is when you choose good, evil, or neutral and then game starts. I have no idea for a plot so your choice good name for the game path of life.


A character that can go back in time and change things would lend itself well to a CoG game - the player can see the results of his choices and return to correct them. Perhaps another character is doing the same thing to thwart him.


that could add in to my idea if they choose to whoever’s making this game could add it to the mad scientist choice in my idea if they choose my idea or even make a whole game off that idea alone.


What about a game following a demi god in modern day Europe fighting monsters
using your skills of your father/mother .The young adult would be trying to gather a group of other demigods scattered across the world to destroy a pressing evil >:-)
it would also have various sub plots like a love interest and other small quests helping to define the characteristics and skills of the player . or maybe you could chose to join the evil forces and take the opposite path . I am very new to this so I would like some constructive criticism and tell me if some aspects of the concept are imposable thank you


Or modern day India. Hinduism mythology is underexplored


Or being Dragonborn and use your Voice in modern day-to-day situations.


Careful, you don’t want to be in Notch’s situation.


Yeah, what about a game where you duel the big names in video games via the medium of various triple-A shooters?


I dunno, that doesn’t really seem like it’d be best set as a ChoiceScript game.


Me neither; I think it would be terrible if you actually did that.

So far Paul’s and FireEye’s ideas seem like the best ones so far. As for ‘original ideas’ from me: I would quite like to see a Firefly style CoG.


My idea was, obviously, sarcastic. Although, it is quite difficult to catch sarcasm over the internet.
Fus Ro Dah~


Now that we have Choice of the Vampire, and a werewolf game in the works, perhaps you could continue in the same vein and make one based on a Universal monster.

Is calling dibs on something allowed? Because if it is, I want to call dibs on the Mummy. If not, then bluh bluh I choose something else if someone is doing a mummy game. Maybe we should have a series or something with a bunch of Universal Horror archetypes.


Are there any other monsters similar to a vampire or werewolf ?


What do you mean? If you mean shapeshifting creatures and/or blood-drinking monsters then yes, there are. For example, there is the Ghul of Arab folklore. It’s an undead werehyena which eats corpses. Actually, there are a lot of weres around.

As for vampires, it is a pretty universal monster. In India, there is the vetala which are sometimes protectors and they can see into the future and past. Or there’s the bhutal which are blood-drinking revenants. There are the pontianak and langsuir of Malaysia and Indonesia, which are female undead with a preference for killing babies and can shapeshift into birds. Some say they drink blood.

And in some places in Eastern Europe, werewolf and vampires are the same creature. I could go on and on about this.

If you mean Universal Horror monsters, then you have the Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Creature of the Black Lagoon, the Mad Ghoul, and the Invisible Man.


Thank you :slight_smile:


ScarletGeisha I have a question about the mummy game is the main character a mummy or adventurer fighting a mummy if you are going to create this game I would quite like to help I’m quite nifty with Egyptian mythology and I would like to get more involved .