Interest Check (Power Game)


I was just wondering how many people would be interested in a game about powers(but not a super hero game) where you choose your own powers and choose whether or not to work with an organization that is capturing/recruiting/gathering certain powered individuals(you being one of them).
I haven’t done much work with it yet, just have the options for powers and ideas for characters and the start of the story for one of the power options.


That sounds like a very interesting game


Sounds coolio to me…


Pick a setting your interested in, not what anyone else is interested in, and you’ll have a better game for it.


I am very interested in this setting I just want to make sure people are actually going to try it


I assumed you were interested, just don’t worry if people like your setting, if you have good writing and a good story people will take notice regardless of the setting.


Sounds fun. How are these powers coming into being? Is this a new issue for the world?


Sounds awesome xD can’t wait to read this :slight_smile:


My idea right now is that these powers have been around for a long time, possibly since the first humans, there are just different levels of powers, like practical ones, ones that are just neat tricks, and a few that are powerful and can be used in more destructive ways, like fighting. Also, not everyone is born with powers.


Tell me more about the organization


Well the player isn’t gonna know much about the organization except they have a choice between being a prisoner or joining them, eventually we are gonna find out why they are gathering these people and the player will have multiple opportunities to either leave it or try to change how they do things. If you choose to be a prisoner the first part of the game will be making allies out of the other prisoners and attempting to escape, while having chances to change your mind and join them, while if you choose to join them from the beginning you will go on missions to “recruit” more people. The organization is obviously secretive but you will be able to meet people from inside the organization who know a bit more.

So long story short I’m still thinking about what their motives and everything will be.


Interesting so do they have powers too


Reminds me of the company in heroes, but they had one regular and one powered individual to hunt down other powers. Sounds great though would definitely play something like that.


Most of the organization is going to be regular people, but a few of them, including the first person you meet from it, have powers. Also if you succeed in your missions those people will join you and the organization.


Will there be romance


Yes, many options.
I’m hoping to make the characters good enough that it’s a hard choice to make for who to go with.


I like the idea I’ll definitely play it


Well thats perfect this game will certainly have my attention.


@rockybellini the game sounds really good.

But what about the setting?Is it set in modern day,the future or a fantasy/medieval world?

And what are some of the powers we can choose from?


I think it would depend on many things - I’m not opposed to playing the game with any main theme, powers or no if it is well-written, has meaningful choices and interesting characters. :stuck_out_tongue: So…I just made a particularly unhelpful post, yay me. xD The story you have given us so far does sound interesting. Honesty, if you have the muse and inspiration for this game and so many ideas, I say go for it. ^^