Interest check in new game

Before I begin, I’d like to add that this is isn’t exactly a work in progress as of yet. It’s more to see how interested people would be and for myself to get some advice.
Thus far I’ve brainstormed a few ideas and I’ve wanted to work on one of these for a long time now. And being such an avid fan of comics I figured why not make a game where your the villain?
The basis of the game Is the protagonist (male or female) being one of the first superpowered beings on the planet, with only a few being before him or her. Unlike the others however, your character leans toward evil (how evil is up to you, though you’ll definitely be a bad guy), and grows more powerful as the story goes on.
I’ve so far decided on having ‘superman archetype’ powers: strength, speed, flight, energy projection, and healing (yes, some of those aren’t directly related of superman but you get the gist). This is mainly due to helping with the simplicity of writing as too many abilities means too many variables, ergo, far more work to do.
You character goes from weak (in comparison to other heroes) and unknown, to powerful and feared as the story progresses, gaining henchmen, a base, and maybe even a superhero team made to bring you down.
As the story progresses, more and more meta’s (the name of powered beings) begin popping up, taking good and evil paths.
I have plenty of ideas in mind but I’d rather save them after I get some feedback, but here’s a few things I’d also like ideas for:
A title.
Time period (preferably close to or past modern times, not too far in the past).
Powers (as long as they’re reasonable)
Any ideas for the story (I have a rough idea in mind but I’m open to suggestions)
Background info about the world the protagonist lives in
Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know your ideas and what you think :smile:
Note: I don’t intend on working on this in detail for the close future due to how busy I’ve been, but if there’s enough interest I’ll try to have a demo in the coming months.


Can you have/get a pet cat?

Sounds like a great idea

I was also wondering if there will be options to be a villan with an honor code like with the rogues since they have rules where no one gets left behind they won’t kill not even the flash and not to cause complete chaos like in forever evil they were ordered to destroy central city but they refused because it went against their code

Probably not, it doesn’t really seem like something a super-powered bad guy would have. But I guess I’ll see how other people feel about it.

Definitely, you’ll still be a bad guy no matter what you pick but you can definitely have a moral code. I’ll be sure to add its own stat bar.

Awwwww. I would call him mr. snugglepuff, and together we could rule the world!!!
Mwahahahah * cough, cough *

For the powers I’d say some simple form of kinesis,maybe?

I’d be very interested myself in a game where I can be a supervillain. There aren’t enough games (of any type) where you can be the bad guy in my opinion.


Cool idea, go for it

Playing as the villian sounds interesting. As for powers, maybe mind control or control over technology?

I think something like mind control might be a little too powerful and hard to balance. The powers in this universe are more physical-ur, so things like mind control and Technopathy moght come in another form that isn’t exactly a power.

Similarly to what I said above, I might add an ability like that later in the game, as the powers are more supposed to be physical based.

No cats? We got a problem then.

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So far as time period’s concerned, TMitF is always fun for a super hero game, but that’s also the setting of the Hero’s Rise Trilogy and my project, so you might consider present day for the sake of setting yourself apart somewhat.

Things to consider for the world: Is it our world exactly, or is it different in some way(s) beyond the existence of superhumans? If so, how? Is it a different world entirely? What is the current social attitude towards metas? What is the social climate like for minorities? For the poor? What’s the government like, and how do they rule?

As far as powers are concerned, how about super intelligence? Playing a mad scientist would be all kinds of fun.

What kinda tone are we talkin’ here? On a sliding scale with the Golden Age at one end and the Dark Age at the other, how grim are things (I know that’s not the best metaphor, but it’ll serve)?

Will there be romance?

All in all, I’m excited to see where this goes. Best of luck!

Sounds like an interesting premise. Why don’t you make a short example win ChoiceScript?

My best suggestion for writing a game is to make it small and mostly linear at first, only diverge into many paths at the end. Otherwise it just gets unmanageable.

I’m leaning on having it quite a bit into the future, where humanity has already colonised other worlds and are starting to build weaponised starships.

I’d say it’s different in the sense that it’s in the future, but as far as things like the rules of physics are concerned its pretty similar. However technology advanced ‘strangely’ cars are still in use (although allot slicker looking) whilst flying cars are also present (in richer areas).

The social attitude toward meta’s is a mixed bag, as you are one of the first few (with the first meta’s being more powerful than future meta’s). All are currently on the ‘good’ side of things (aside from you of course) but that’s subject to change. The worlds governments are obviously quite skeptical towards them, whilst everyday people tend to envy them.

At the time of the games beggining, social attitude towards minorities are much the same as they are today, and not many people are poor due to their being so many job opportunities (there being new planets and all). However the ones that are tend to be frowned upon as most people see them as lazy.

Well, the game starts in America so at the start of the game they seem to be a reasonable government, albeit with hidden agendas and brutal methods for those that get in their way.

That’s a pretty good suggestion

So far I guess you could say humanity is reaching the golden age, but your going to ruin that of course :wink:


Thanks bro, best of luck on yours as well!

Umm,I was thinking maybe telekinesis. XD

I might do that, and thanks for the suggestion,

I always like plant manipulation as a power.