The Infinity Squad (WIP)

I have already found a co partner so the game is put in to motion

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Just to be sure, are you looking for a coder, or a co-author?


Co author but I would perfer it they could code I know a little but not much

Could you maybe tell us what this story is about?

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I second this

Also what is infinity power? I googled it and all I got was some company that does some solar power stuff


For wat I got from the title was this is a super power group

Basically infinity power is all the Powers

I know it will probably be hard to write about but I’m all about challenges

Here’s an idea maybe you could just try to give your characters overpowered god-like powers, so of like Saitama from onepunch man.

If u have God like powers wat would be the point
Of doing anything u probably get bored quickly

And what are those powers?!? lol

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If your open for suggestions for the game, how about the MC’s mind is unstable because of the power, and the game could be about a struggle to try and keep control of them self.

Here check this out

Yeah I could build on that thanks

But the twist is that they have to concentrate on that power meaning that they can have any power but only one at a time

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Are u using all those powers from that list

Yes I am (20 Characters)

This is a different superhero story

Yay! I already know what I want to have I tell yall later because my phone about die