Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

I’ve Decided To Throw Some Game Ideas Out Since I Have No Computer
Choice Of Chef
Choice Of An Author
Choice Of High School Basketball Coach
To Me This Seem Like A Great Ideas Since The Game Development Section Seems To Only Superhero Stories.Not Saying There Not Great. Most Of Them Are Good. But Some Fresh Ideas Should Be Added. Tell Me What You Think. If You Want To Make On Into A Game Be My Guest


Perhaps we could go a little further? To throw some ideas out there for myself:


You are a crew member on a sailing ship of the near (not so near) future, running cargo and whatnot across the oceans of the world. You take on a curious set of packages for a secretive client and set sail. Unfortunately somewhere in the middle of the ocean you lose all power and the captain is found murdered in his cabin. You must find a way to restore the ship’s functions while simultaneously capturing the mysterious assassin. Twist: The assassin is a member of your own crew, brainwashed into becoming a cold-blooded killer by a virus embedded in one of his/her email packets.

City Builder:

Another sci-fi flavoured idea for you, a colony ship has arrived in orbit around a distant planet, teeming with life and resources. You are the ship’s Colonial Planning Unit, a functionally immortal android who’s job it is to plan the colony’s development throughout the years. Using the high-tech gizmos stored on the colony ship, and the skills of the colonists themselves you will weather anything this strange new world throws at you. Will you create a technocratic Utopia? A neo-cyberpunk hellscape? Or will your colonists regress entirely to a pre-industrial state, worshipping you as a God/Goddess? The choice (and consequences) are yours…

New Roommates:

How about a fantasy spin? You are an inhabitant of the vast fantasy world of Yhilin, which teems with various intelligent races (elves, dwarfes, vampires, some sort of funky mushroom people?) all of whom work in concert to try and live within your various means. One day you start to hear strange stories coming from the south, stories of horrifying pink-skinned monsters who utterly destroy everything in their path. Completely omnivorous, with incredible endurance and hyperactive healing abilities, these terrifying brutes seem all but unstoppable unless somehow a Grand Alliance can be raised against them. History scholars identify these creatures as bearing a great similarity to a mythical creature said to have ruled the world in ages past. The world trembles, as the Return of Man threatens to push the civilized races to extinction.

That’s just off the top of my head right now, but feel free to use these ideas however you’d like, and I’m also available if anyone wishes to bounce their own ideas off of someone, or if anyone needs help with their sci-fi or fantasy ideas.


I believe the key distinction here is that nobody is asking for anything, help or otherwise. This is a free collection of ideas for people to use or not use at their discretion, which people rarely get angry about.

Rarely being the key word here. No accounting for the whims of the internet.


Ah. I see now. In that case, you have wonderful ideas, kind sir (or ma’am). I especially love the “New Roommates” idea. Too bad I’m already working on a story…


Your Ideas Were Way Better Than Mine I’ll Come Up With More Though


Well I like your can-do attitude and strange habit of capitalizing every word. Go knock 'em dead!


Favourite ideas currently are:

Real world professional - play the role if a professional dealing with real world scenarios (it would need to be writen by someone in that profession. I’ve long considered writing one from the point of view of a newly qualified doctor and the trials and learning you go through)

Moral dilemmas: there was one written similar to this but didn’t go into as much detail. Have people make choices about deep and meaningful things that question their personal ethics (I have many scenarios for this but my favourite is: will you replace your characters hand when it gets cut off in an accident? Will you continue to replace parts including degraded brain cells? At what point are you not “you”? If your still you can you be cloned and still both be “you”? This would be set in the form of a story so people didn’t see the ethical quandary coming each time.

Also I don’t understand the capitalizing. It’s seems like that would be annoying and difficult to maintain for each post…


Question. I have no way to code or make me own story. So let’s say I partner with someone who can. Can I come up with different scenes and choices but they put it all together?


Answer: In theory yes, but people aren’t especially inclined to do the gruntwork for someone else to write the story, to the point where it is against forum rules to ask for coders. I would recommend that instead of hoping that someone will be willing to do all of the dull work so that you can sprinkle your story on top, instead look for someone who’s willing to talk you through some of the basics of the coding, and take it from there.

I say this as someone for whom coding may as well be alien cuneiforms drilled into the moon in terms of easy reading, but choicescript is easy. Super easy. At least to start with. Sure there are more complex things you can do down the line but the basics should take you no more than an hour to get through (moving from scene to scene, setting out choices etc).

Try downloading the test pack and playing it through for yourself, then go look at the code, then come back here and ask about what you don’t understand. People are super friendly about it and they’ll definitely answer any questions you have. You’ll have better odds of that than of finding somebody who hangs out on this site purely based on their love for this weirdly specialized form of Javascript that isn’t used in any other way.


How about a few more ideas to throw into the grinder? Go ahead and add any ideas of your own, people.

Stax v Motown:

A game that sets you up as a newly minted music producer in the 60s and 70s, looking out for that powerful new sound that looks ready to set the world on fire. You’ll have to outmaneuver your rival studios to secure talent, wheedle, bargain and cheat to lay hands on studio space and musicians, wine and dine the best songwriters and singers in the business.

How will you respond when two of your most talented musicians go on a cross-country crime spree, supposedly on a ‘mission from God’?

Are you dedicated enough to drive down to the docks at two in the morning, looking to rescue one of your headlining acts from the loan sharks looking to collect on his expensive gambling debts?

If the text doesn’t interest you, try reading it again while listening to this:

Hail to the Chief:

You have just been promoted to Chief of Police in one of the most dangerous, deprived precincts in the world, and now it’s up to you to turn everything around and get these officers into shape!

Luckily there are several groups on hand to offer a hand, although they usually have their own agendas into the bargain.

Will you accept the help of the shady Megacorp who are willing to turn one of your officers into a half-ton cyborg equipped with machine-guns and the ghoulish remains of his human face stamped onto the front like a horror-movie mask?

How will you deal with the two firebrand detectives who consistently flout departmental procedure and cause millions in property damage everywhere they go? Will you bench them? Throw them off the case? Or will you accept that regardless of their methods, dammit they get results!


A Mech game that ‘doesnt’ sound or feel like a Gundam parody?

Anyone feeling some Armored core or Eve Angelion?


Ooh, ooh, I got another one.

Choice of the Gnome:

You play (you guessed it) a Gnome, looking to make his/her fortune excavating ancient ruins deep underground. While everyone knows that Dwarves have been extinct for centuries, their ancient cities run for thousands of miles under the ground, and only Gnomes are brave (and small) enough to successfully navigate them. You and your friends decide to start your own mining company, excavating the deepest and darkest ruins in search of ancient Dwarfish machinery and lore (also gold. Dwarves really liked gold.).

One day you find a set of maps that lead you deeper than ever before into the ancient Dwarfish empire, possibly to the ancient Capital City of Romesh itself.

But there are many dangerous things lurking down in the dark, and some of them do not appreciate being unearthed.

Together you and your allies must face down an enemy more malevolent and powerful than anyone has seen in a thousand years, as the ancient Dwarven cities relinquish their final secret.


@Waywalkerlover Me thinking is possible, think about the others in the forum that are collaborating their works? So me guessing it is very possible.


I love the chief of police idea using all of the movie and tv tropes. The hero’s of those things are never the chief so would be great to see everything from their point of view.

You could have organised crime gangs offering you bribes.

Lone cops that need to be partnered up but whose skills compliment them most?

Teens phoning up about crazed killers in hockey masks all the time.

One of your traffic wardens going missing following a robbery at a London home.

Difficult cases where some smart mouth consultant is telling your investigators what to do although it goes against all reason.

I think this should be made: can you hold together your police force against dodgy gangs, corrupt politicians, rude citizens and rogue officers to maintain order/line your own pockets on the streets of Tropesville.


You could stick basically anything at the end of “Choice of…” and get a pretty cool seed for a story. You couldn’t publish the final game under that name, most likely, but still!

Choice of the Gnome sounds cool, but what I really would like to see is Choice of the Goblin. The whole time I was paying Choice of the Dragon, I just wanted to see what my underlings got up to :smiley: and I just like the utterly incompetent, derpy, yet crafty goblins in Fantasy.

In the same way, you could go Choice of the Elf, Choice of the Orc… or maybe Choice of the Gladiator, Choice of Aeroplanes, Choice of Prehistory, etc. etc.


I dunno but maybe a game where we play like a socially anxious hacker or something (just randomly though of it)


Well in this instance ‘Gnome’ was more of a stab in the dark, picking a race at random, it could just as easily be Goblin I suppose…


Ooh, last one before bedtime, I swear:

What about a game where you play a nascent deity, born at the dawn of the human race and brought to life by the belief of your worshippers. You start as a simple deity with no more than a handful of followers (perhaps a mammoth’s skull that is worshipped by a handful of hunter-gatherers?) and must grow your religion in order to grow your power. As the eons pass your actions will determine what kind of God you will become (Benevolent healer or shit-house crazy warrior deity?) and you must work your way throughout the centuries to become the biggest (or possibly only) religion in the whole world.

You will have to deal with plagues, floods, false prophets as well as the machinations of your fellow gods, all of whom want to crush your religion and gather your broken followers under their banner.


That’s The Best One Yet!!


I especially enjoy the second and third ideas.