Centaur World WIP

I had read a series of books wherein the main character and their friends are aware of magic because two of their friends are magic. One is an elf woman who is dating one of the humans. The other one is a genie-like creature who lives in a tooth of the mc’s best friend who is female. The fun begins when a worldwide transformation happens. Everyone becomes a centuar. Not the reguar centuars (The tourso of a man with the body of a horse, but crossbreed centuars. In the books the mc and his bf are an unicorn centuar and a deer centuar. The elf becomes a dragon centuar.

How fun would a WIP set in this world be?

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Hey @Markel1970A I just moved your game idea into the game idea thread. If you really wanted you could set up a general Markel1970A’s Game Ideas since you do seem to have a lot of them, and every time you get an idea just post the idea there.

And I’ll admit, I’m very curious as to what this series of books you’re speaking about is.