Medieval War WIP

Me and my friend decided to make a game.
Currently the plot is thus…
You are the lord of a noble house in the kingdom of Thilinia (name subject to change). The war started when the king was murdered as his son was to young to rule the Queen selected a regent (her brother) and accused the kings marshal (and cousin) of the murder. The marshal fled when his execution was ordered and he raised those loyal to him in rebellion against the queen.
I plan to make it have two stories one for either side of the war that intersect at key points. There will be battles, some magic and vicious monsters used as war beasts by either side.
Thoughts suggestions or opinions?


I’d suggest that rather than looking for feedback on a concept, get started on the game itself. Channel all the energy you would spend on this thread into actually writing it.

Also, forget the two stories idea. Start with just one story. Focus on making it as interesting as possible.

Good luck with your game.

Thanks for the advice

I would second @FairyGodfeather’s advice. It is definitely so much easier to get an idea of how the game is going to actually be for both the creator and the reader, when it actually is playable.

I third that piece of advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I understand what you guys are saying

I want a dragon as a war beast