A geopolitical game


So I’ve been reading choice of games for the last year but one thing i noticed is a lack of geopolitical games, what do you think if i start writing one will anybody be interested


Maybe, but I think you should give some more detail.


I’d be interested on it.

But, while we’re on the topic of geopolitical games, there a few who touch or have shades of it. I’m not sure if you’ve read them, but @Goshman’s Lords of Aswick is a good example, as is the Infinity Series.


Yeah but most of them are in medieval times what I want to do is one in our time


I see. Then go for it. I’m sure you can manage, and you’ll likely find a crowd here to like it.


Sounds interesting , a sort of House of Cards type vibe?


That’s true. It’s only medieval political games so far. Choice of Robots is pretty political though with a Sino-American War


I would definitely be interested in a game like this


I would definitely play it! Go for it!


Great Idea! What’s the story though?


Still thinking about it


Thanks for the response.


I wonder what AlexClifford1994 thinks of this?


Sounds great! If you did a geopolitical game I would definitely buy it see how it turned out.


If you were to ever release the demo, would do it in this thread or make a completely new one?


Sorry that I didn’t reply I was really busy but I will post it here


Ok. Are you planning to have real countries or fictional ones in a modern setting?


Lords of Aswick was great! The author of this story could take some examples from it.