Lords of Aswick - Out Now!


This thing I made is out on the things, so maybe buy it. I’ll be linking the CoG page as soon as I spot that the page has been put up for it. I know for certain that android and iOS devices have it available already.

In the meanwhile, send me feedback, ask me stuff, thank the beta testers and most importantly, thank @CaballeroDeAndromeda for all of his hard work editing and playtesting for me throughout the process.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hostedgames.lordsofaswick
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lords-of-aswick/id959086112?mt=8
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hosted-Games-Lords-of-Aswick/dp/B00SWFNXI6/ref=sr_1_25?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1422618916&sr=1-25
Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lords-of-aswick-first-of/blmdenljakdpejafjgielcemdiblcaje

Lord's of aswik
Lords of Aswick: The search for BETA testers is already over!
Dirty Pool Lords of Aswick Dirty Pool indeed.
Help with Lords of Aswick
Project "Knightly Tale"

Congratulations! I’ll check it out when I get a chance.


Thank you, @Sashira

For those who have been following the development since the early days of the WiP thread, I hope you folks are satisfied with the final result. I realize some stuff I promised in that thread eventually ended up left out but hopefully that trade ended up providing a tighter story, which was my personal excuse for most of the decisions I made in that regard.

I already have a very rough outline set aside for now for a future sequel. I hope to start writing that soon, but right now I’m just going to work on something completely different for a while, see how this does in the marketplace and take in feedback.

Remember, criticism is more than welcome. Discussion and feedback will feed into whether or not I need to rework some stuff in future updates.

Also, I would be intrigued to hear back from you guys on how long it took you to get through the story? Who did your MC end up as? What, if any, moments stuck with you afterwards?
When answering, please obscure the text or try and avoid spoilers altogether.


I dont see lords of aswick listed among The hosted and official games

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On the storefronts it is, but not so far on the website. Hence why I included direct links in the first post.


so has it come out on chrome yet?


So far no sign of it. Hoping it’ll come soon, because that’s the only place where I think I can see download numbers almost real-time, and I am really curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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OMG THIS GAME! I have been waiting for something like this all my life without even realising! Thanky uo Goshman for such a great game!

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Hey, thanks! I guess the thing isn’t half as bad as I thought then! Remember to rate it on the stores and stuff.
All I ask is for honest ratings, not just a pile of top scores to be kind. That’ll go to my head and mess me up for life, that will.

And maybe tell a friend.


here we where talking shit about apple and forgot that chrome just as bad when it come to publishing.



Look at you, a published author! You have finally arrived. :laughing: :clap: :clap: :clap: Congratulations. I hope this does really well, AT LEAST #1 in the charts.


@djma46 Not exactly. Chrome is giving us shit right now for having too many apps. Don’t ask. We’re trying to sort it out with them so we can publish it there as well.


@CaballeroDeAndromeda, Indeed! I will be very disappointed if this doesn’t knock Clash of Clans down a peg. :stuck_out_tongue:

@jasonstevanhill Thanks for the update on the chrome situation. Hope you guys have good luck with that effort.

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sad day with chrome it the only way i could have played it. hope they get that fixed soon and then i`ll be playing for your game too, yay


I, too find it bothersome that chrome gets left out, chrome is the only way i can buy these storygames.


it been released on chrome just bought it im gonna go dark for a couple of hours see you!!


I personally tend to get CoG and HG on the Chrome Web Store as well, despite owning an iPhone, so I know your pain. All I can say is I hope the issue gets resolved quickly…

And @djma46 just posted while I was writing this. I will be looking it up and adding a link ASAP.
Edit: Link added to first post.


It’s also in the hosted games section of the website.



Unfortunately, the download numbers on Chrome only count the ones that are actively installed…so it’s not very accurate. :confused: But congratulations on the release! I’ll make a post about it on the HG FB page whenever it shows up on CoG’s website.


I just finished this game (Android Version) and thoroughly loved it (enough to restart 4 times because i messed up something and wanted to fix it XD)

Unable to blur text as i have no idea how, and im typing this from a mobile device and i have no idea of a way to do it with text, I’ve tried to edit things to keep spoilers very very low if i could

My MC, named James Minazuki, was the Earl of Aswicdale, Baron of Steminster, Knight of Norwall.
Along with this I was known as The Hammer of Norwall and Kingmaker I was also Lord High Constable. I eventually fell ill and died. And let Arthur marry my Sister Shigure (Japanese name I believe, much like the surname Minazuki) I myself had married Cailen, and named my son Mark and named my Daughter Violet

I had won my first Hastilude (or however its spelt) but was beaten right before the final two jousts during the second hastilude. During the mock battle thing during the first Hastilude I did extremely well also, thus earning the Hammer of Norwall nickname.

Ending character sheet cause why not:
Aerae Vulgaris: 1296
Name: Sir James Minazuki The Hammer of Norwall
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Wealth: You are a well off noble, the envy of many and an important friend to have in the court.
Style: Earl of Aswicdale, Baron of Steminster, Knight of Norwall
Heraldry: Argent, a Falcon vigilant Gules, crowned with chapletGules
Valour: 79%
Nobility: 73%
Courtesy: 69%
Piety: 39%
Humility: 97% Hubris: 3%

I don’t know whats with the Gules thing, but I’d picked a white shield with a red Falcon as my coat of arms/Heraldry