Lords of Aswick - Out Now!


@Samuel_H_Young Ah, a shame. I’m really intrigued on how well this is received. Also, thank you. I join a prestigious group of HG writers :slight_smile:
Lords of Aswick has been added to the website as well. It seems the front page is reserved for official stuff nowadays? But it is on the Hosted Games section.

@Fallaner Well met, Sir James! I see you are a humble man indeed. Now, my lord, you should play again and if you fail, trust in a new path that may unfold before you. (Dun dun duuun)
Also, gules is the heraldic term for red. Argent in turn is white or silver.

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Why Thank you sir! I think i found an error in the Epilogue however!

“After his death his son none became the second Earl of Aswcidale and inherited all lands and titles.”

As you can see, my sons name does not appear! I must ask that you fix this, and then I may take you up your request to replay this game (Nah I’ll probably play again once i figure up what character archetype from my library of characters i made to use) You can also see that Aswicdale is mispelled.

And maybe my next character will stop doing stuff on his own (James Minazuki took stuff into his own hands whenever he could! Never trust the messangers when you could spend 10 minutes doing it! Never trust the servants to investigate things when you could do it instead! Always volunteer to scout for Duke Roderick!)



Interesting. I thought that issue had been fixed before I even turned this in. I will be fixing the issue, have no fear.



Why thank you then sir! I also have something else to report, but don’t have the line as im relying on memory.

When your second child is born, instead of saying daughter, i believe it says son, or I could of just been dumb and misread it at first. Thats also completely possible.



I played through the demo quite a bit just in the past through days and was a little surprised at some of the changes. Though most of them I did like. I personally thought the Battle of Laxby where I’m heading Stephen’s army was one of the most satisfying and best writ sequences in CoG. The end began to feel a lot more like Choice of Romances which I guess was the intent. I ended up as the Earl of Aswicdale, Hammer of Norwall and Baron of Stimaster with one son. The epilogue particularly drove me crazy, because it hints at so much, especially with the title being more than one Lord of Aswick, I hope you make a sequel and am currently going to tearing through just searching for every possible ending. Good job, and congrats.



quick question does the mc always fall ill? at the end



There are a couple of different ways to go, but illness combined with advanced age is always the final one.



I’ve gotten illness and being exiled by botching the 3 way battle. I quite liked the illness ending for the fairly emotional (to me) ending.

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I guess it could be said that dying of illness and old age would be the “perfect” ending, or at least the ending that the author wanted to give to the story. However, the circumstances and/or your surroundings could change depending on where you are. Also, let’s say, for the sake of argument, if your character falls off a cliff and dies, which would never happen, then that too would be “legitimate” ending for your character’s story.

@Goshman, feel free to strike me down if I’ve misinterpreted your intentions or have revealed too much.



Once it comes time for sequels, every ending except for one will lead into the next story with your choices affecting how the family line has developed in the generations between the stories. That was the intention since I began writing this.

Basically, whenever you get an epilogue, you have reached a valid end to the first Earl of Aswicdale.



Thats pretty cool! But it seems like it’d take a LOT of work. I’d love to see how the work of James Minazuki and his marriage of his daughter to the Viscount of Mules (i THINK that was who it was), his efforts to put Stephen upon the throne and support his change (and be the very first investor for the new capitol when the others complained about it) How are you even going to manage that my lord?!

Also, I quite like the Black Prince (I ended up being his Ally and friend, just like Arthur) nice work on him. Honestly i like most of the characters I’ve seen (the only marriable girl i talked to was Cailen though.) So very nice work!



My apologies then, Sir. In my defense, I was too excited to properly measure my words. :cold_sweat:



@Fallaner Right now, I’m unable to tell you the details because I haven’t started actually coding it or anything and I don’t know the details of how the CoG save system brings in variables, but I have a rough plan and a few generations of leeway on the details.

@CaballeroDeAndromeda No issue. There’s just no “perfect” ending as far as I see it. There are the “best” options you can take, but even those may not be so great down the line after a few generations.



Also you used a crazy good sequal hook! I am wondering what could possibly catch up to all the stuff James Minazuki did, let alone achieve it within the 5th generation! I am extremely pleased by this My Lord, though im sure you can’t currently give any details, i will eagerly (and perhaps impatiently) await the sequal! Go Minazuki bloodline!

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@Fallaner, I would encourage you to play again and make different choices, Sir James Minazuki could find himself elsewhere



Such as an early grave? Just what are you implying, My Lord?

And I would replay if i knew which Archetype to go with now. I hate tarnishing (altering) my memory of my original.



Okay, I’ve made the announcement on the HG page. :smile:


Btw, you should consider leaving a link for the page at the end of your gamebook whenever you make an update!



Excellent game =) But is there a way to live past your '60s?



I didn’t play too much, but I’m rather curious if there are plans to do anything with the gender stat, or if it’s just there, seeing as you’re stuck as a male (at least from what I can tell).



Early grave is one of many correct answers but not the one I’m looking for. :laughing:

The following quote is taken from Choice of Games’ announcement for the release of Lords of Aswick. So, I don’t want any angry e-mails or private messages…

Now, remember when you said you botched the 3way battle, got exiled, and died? I’m pretty sure you said something along those lines… Well, if you were to make different choices and happen to lose again have faith that things will be different this time… :sweat_smile: (The emphasis on that word is very deliberate.)