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Hey everybody! So I’ve seen people say what you have to do to get certain baronies and earldoms in Lords of Aswick, but never in depth. I was wondering if someone could provide a more in depth explanation of how to get each extra holding. Thanks!

I only know that you can become Baron of Steinminster if you do well in the first tournament you take part in.

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The author has a guide for the game up on the web:


Scroll down to the “Titles and Honours” section for info on how to obtain the available baronies and viscounty. There are no “earldoms” aside from Aswick that you can gain, and Aswick automatically gets upgraded up to a county (earldom) from a barony.

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But there are errors there, for example, it says you need Courtesy >= 64, and Valour >= 55 for the Baron os Steminster, while instead you need Courtesy >= 64, and Nobility >= 55.
Another error is that you need to have a bastard child with Marguerite to enforce the claim for Dumas, but the guide doesn’t say that.

@Sampl15 do you want a guide to get all the titles?


You’re right on Stenminster. It’s Nobility, not Valour. @Goshman should fix that. For Dumas, the guide does state that a son is necessary with Marguerite however, although it should make clear that the MC must sleep with her at the victory feast in Aurget for this child to occur, and even then it’s only a 45% chance. Having a son with her later is too late.


If it is more in depth than on the website that would be great thanks!

@Goshman I saw that you fixed those 2 errors, but there are another two errors in your guide.
The first is to court Cailen, you need Courtesy >= 54, not Courtesy >= 60 like it is stated on your guide.

The second is that you can court Lucia without the industrial construction. If you capture the King of Valmagne, you can court her too.


I was wondering if there was any way to go to the crusades without being exiled? This might not be the right place to post this but I am new so please forgive me. I Literally made a account for the reason of finding this out so if someone helped me that whould be great.


To go to the Crusades, you need to be exiled. No other way.

Ok thanks for the info.

So to go to the crusades the guide does say you either lose the civil war or side with Augustine and refuse to kill nobles. I’ve tried several times to be exiled by refusing to kill the other nobles, but I’ve never managed to get it to work. Am I missing something about what to do or do I need lower stats for it to actually trigger? I focus on valour and nobility with my valour being highest.

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For some reason my characters always seem to die before reaching the Holy Land, as it were. I was wondering if someone would oblige me by telling me what stats are needed, information which isn’t available on Mr Kuusela’s (the game creator) website. Thank you all.

Deus vult intensifies


Now, I haven’t played/read this game but I know a lot about the actual crusades so if you tell me what is happening in the story I may have the historical answer.

I don’t think it’s historically accurate, but in Lord of Aswick you’re the last hope of a somewhat dying lineage to which you’re given to a knight as a squire so that you can have a chance to make a name and wealth for your family.
I suggest you play it, it’s pretty good IMO.

I’m afraid it’s much more of an in game matter Sir Deus. But Bahamuht is quite right, and if you play it and find a way to reach the Crusades, I would be most interested to know your stats so as to reach the Crusades myself, rather than have my character die before then. https://www.choiceofgames.com/user-contributed/lords-of-aswick/

The crusade is to decide the next ruler right?(cousin, king’s daughter or bastard son)

The problem is that whenever I reach that point of exile, my character falls ill and dies, while in other people’s games, the character gets better and joins the crusade. That’s my difficulty you see.

The Crusade is a potential outcome of the war of succession if the character backs a contender for the throne and loses the war. Then exile to the crusades is a possible outcome.

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To get to the crusade, you need to lose the succession battle and a: have high Piety, and/or b: marry Bruno, and have asked for assistance from her brother, who is a crusader king.