Lords Of Aswick-How to NOT become a crusader

I have played Lords of Aswick a couple of times, but for some reason, I keep losing that war at the end and then become an exiled crusader, is there a way to avert it?

Have high nobility and valour but low piety and don’t lose the war, that simple really.

That’s the problem, I keep losing the war.

Huh… which side are you on?

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Marry Lady Bruna ask her father for troops, but mercenaries, and then either train troops more or upgrade weapons.


That might not be enough. If you support Stephen, then you need to seek allies or you will always lose.

Look at this:


Thanks a lot everyone, I tried it by siding with Stephan and always used to mess up at the end.

I was wondering if there was any way to go to the crusades without being exiled? This might not be the right place to post this but I am new so please forgive me. I Literally made a account for the reason of finding this out so if someone helped me that whould be great. p.s. I know this is about not becoming a crusader but I really need some help.

I believe the author originally had the intention of creating a chapter where you went crusading but he never finished it, and decided to cut it entirely. To summarize: no, you cannot go crusading.

Ok thanks for the answer.

There IS a way to go crusading. I was even leader of the crusaders. It was on my 5th or 6th play thru and somehow I had a disagreement with the King and he banished me. I got sick and almost died during banisment and lived to go crusading and work my way back up and even go home. PROBLEM is I came looking to find out HOW to survive banisment because i have not been able to repeat. I keep dieing while sick and havent been able to reach that same arguement with the King. There is quite a lot of playing while crusading.