Nola is Burning Help

In the chapter where you lose a limb, how do you survive that? I keep dying and becoming a demon in end game.

At various points throughout the night, you have a chance to make deals with various people throughout the city. If you don’t make any of those deals, you’ll die in the dumpster and go to hell.

If you do have a deal, the next thing that comes under consideration is how grievously wounded you are. If you’re wounded beyond a certain point, you’ll die and go to hell unless you took one of the priest’s pills, OR your greatest desire is to be with L AND you have the letter from them. (Or both.)

If you have a deal, and you’re either less grievously wounded or meet one of the other conditions, you’ll survive, and what exactly happens next depends on whom you made your deal with earlier in the night.


Thank you for the help!

If I also may ask, how do you survive the night with two missing limbs? I think there was an achievement for that?

Either take one of the priest’s pills, or choose in the beginning that your greatest desire is to be with L and then be sure you get the letter.

How do you get the letter?

Thanks once again.

Just a few more questions—

How do you become a crusader?
How do you get your lover to betray you?
How do you become a cyber warrior?
How do you become the avatar for the loa?

It’s been over two years since I last played, so I’m a little rusty, but I think crusader/cyber-warrior/avatar all depend on the deals you make in the first few chapters, and your lover betrays you unless you choose “I know he/she loves me” when asked in the first chapter if they really care about you.