Hi there. I’ve noticed, in all my games of CotV, it always gets cut off at Memphis, during the hanging. However, it appears that other players have gone beyond that point. So, my question is, is the beginning of Memphis the end for the moment, or am I doing something wrong?

The hanging is the last thing you should see at the end of part 1. That is unless you stop said hanging which gives you a little extra dialogue, but that is it.

That’s what I suspected. It didn’t give me the option to save him, otherwise I would have. Thanks!

Your welcome! And if you do want to save him…


You need a charm of 4 which can be gained by first making a charming character which should be level 3 Charm when you finish with all your background info. Then when you go to Vicksburg, don’t turn the Black man into a vampire, but set him up with a farm. Sam will turn him into a vamp behind your back and ask you to find him as he has run away. You can force her through choices to let you have a higher control over mortals which should raise your charm to 4! Hope this helped!