I recently restarted CotV and it seems there have been some changes since the last time i played it ( around jan 13) and so now i cannot (No matter what i do) choose “There is no afterlife, and I do her and myself a disservice if I pretend otherwise, even while she lay dying”, please help as this is quite annoying.


I’ve tinkered with it a bit. Thanks for the bug report.



I also played Vampire again after some months and noticed the changes… however I have a couple of questions:

  • was the Vicksburg-Memphis transition as abrupt before as it is now? I played a couple of runs and in both cases the moment before I am with Quaestor Vithers trying to restart after the civil war and the next screen I am in Memphis for no real reason.
  • also, is it me or now the options to raise a stat to 4, in the time-jump part between the chapters, are disabled? for example I had lore 3 and literate but there was no open option to improve lore (the same for Intelligence).