Missing Section?!

With the recent update to “Choice of the Vampire” I’ve found that the pages at the end of the “Siege of Vicksburg” chapter are missing (The ones where you can choose to turn Wilson into a vampire). Were they removed on purpose or is this a bug?

Wait there a new update when did it come out

Some time in June I think
It’s just a few new scenes.

But I downloaded the game just a week ago and still have the option

@CrossOver you can’t see it because your Lore isn’t high enough.

i found this confusing too… so the last few scenes in Vicksburg, (the one where you or withers give your servant immortality and he either runs off to memphis or you go with him) is DELIBERATELY removed from the your play through if you have lore 2 and below?.. but the game doesn’t really explain how i end up in memphis after killing/push off cliff the vampire traitor… will it be fixed or do we have to just suck it up and deal with it?..

side note: i appreciate the update though, haven’t really touched this game for a long time, nice to see its still moving forward…

@daemonofrazgriz821 a) your lore just has to be higher than 1 to ask Withers if you can turn him. b) If you don’t kill him, and you don’t turn him, then Withers turns him. So I don’t know what you mean by “deliberately removed from … your play through”.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “the game doesn’t really explain how I end up in Memphis…” a) the war’s over, and if you and Withers don’t get along, Memphis is the next stop up the Mississsippi. b) if you and Withers do get along, there’s the whole Senate election happening there.

all my recent vamps were lore 2 but i really cant get the scene after i tell the other vamp (forgot his name) to jump of the cliff and go back to withers, then i get the page where they say the siege was over and me and withers make the most of it, then next page goes to the “intro” page of memphis instead of the scenes where i could release wilson or turn him into a vampire… im so sorry if im bothering you like this, was just really curious why these scenes were gone from my game after i updated it…

@daemonofrazgriz821 wow. I just found the bug. Thank you for the report.