Choice of Vampires Questions

I was wondering how to end up pursuing the woman who replaces Clotho.

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I am also completely unable to restore any saved game.

That’s easy dont romance the first Clotho and in the second game you will be allowed to pursue her and you will find out her relation to the original Clotho

I also have a question, how do you get the ability to erase memories? I know it has something to do with having 5 charm but I always get 4?

So far, the only way to make the 2nd Clotho appear in the CoV2 is to fall in love with Clotho in CoV1. How do I romance the 2nd Clotho? :frowning:

hey I was wondering as I play choice of the vampire is there a way to get a mate or are you destined to be alone? just asking

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I can’t figure out who all the romance options are in the full four part Choice of Vampire series and I’d like to know so that I know which stats I should focus on during those playthroughs. I hope I’m asking this right, any help is welcome!

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Anyone know if there’s gonna be a way to get shapeshifting to 4?