How to get a female vampire?

I restard the game many times but i only got a male character ? Is there a possibility to choose ?


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If your MC bowed your character is male, if they curtsied your character is female. It’s the fourth choice or so, I think?


I can’t belive it was that simple! I restard the game so many times…
English is not my first language, i pass next to it…

Thanks you very much :slight_smile:


Kind of in the same question… can I get a female companion to turn into vampire without ending in… you know? I think I tried all the possibilities and I always end alone, or close to an already vampire girl. I dont want to be an Edwar Cullen, may god get rid of me if it were to happen. Just a vampire I turned and love.

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no matter what you do, clotho will die

Not necessarily, if you leave her alone the other vampires won’t find out about her and kill her.


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Oh, believe me, if there is the option, they will pay, that much I can promise you xD

But if there isnt in this books, that would be a nice touch in the new one I think. I really felt powerless there, I would have liked to grab her and flee the city the instant she awakened :frowning:


Man can’t they just simply say it anyway thanks

@sarath_a It does simply say it.

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