How to romance Clotho? [SPOILERS]

How to romance Clotho? She was poisoned early game?

So when like the second time I talk to her at her house or something after we chased down the guy she had chained up because I released him, theres an option to ask her to come on a romantic outing with me. The option is greyed out, along with the option after it where I can call her. Then after these two it’s said that she is poisoned and died? Is she really dead? how do I get these options to not be greyed out? Am I supposed to be really superstitious or not superstitious at all? Does she come back later or do I need to take her out on a date in order for her to not die? Please help!!!

I can’t exactly recall this happening when I romanced her, but try not releasing the guy, I suppose? I’ve never had that grayed out for me.

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Yes thank you that worked!

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She got murderized in my every playthrough. Kinda annoyed me.