My character met Clotho, they fell in love and eventually as many people know already, she was killed by my maker and vampire-siblings. I ran into a revenge option, and then decided to get close to Jesse in order to continue with it (tried with the maker too but it’s always greyed out). However despite those choices life continues as normal and you’re again friends with the vampires. Is there a way to avenge Clotho and if not, WHY?

I dont think their is a way to get revenge on them yet.

Yea, currently there is no way to get revenge. It’s be awesome to see that as an option in CoV2 or 3 though.

I really hope it does get implemented. I mean one just doesn’t forgive those who killed his love just like that.

But one does forgive a computer animation who killed a computer animation

No, one does not… >_<

One bears grudges for all eternity against said computer animation

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i still waiting for my revenge over Emma in ze so yeah no forget revenge

Don’t get me wrong I want to kill them but after 100 years after their death I will start to almost forgive

How do you feel about my last comment
A) agree
B) shorter time to forgive
C) longer
D) never forgive

There is a small way to get revenge on Jesse; Arguably, you can get revenge by telling Samantha that Jesse actually hates her. It’s not technically revenge, but you could treat it as such.

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This is a situation where time may make one move on, but certainly not forgive. If someone kills the woman I love, not after a thousand years will I not pursue them.

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I would love to take revenge and kill the Questor! >:)

If the MC is in love with Clotho, it’s really odd not that (s)he doesn’t even try to. Especially if they already have killed the dominus at the beginning of the game, and Cecil later, why can’t they kill one more vampire?

If a third part will be made, there should be a way to take revenge and get a “best served cold” achievement.