(Spoilers inside) About the Choice of the Vampire game

Is there any way to save Silas?

not good with names, could you tell me his role.

Oh, he’s the Confederate soldier you can meet and fall in love with. Pursuing a relationship with him never seems to end well, so I was wondering if there was any way for him to survive.

the one that plays the harmonica?

Yeah, him.

I’ve played through it plenty of times for this very reason. every time I do the outcome is the same. Dead silas.

I want to know what do u got to do to be able to pick that u rather drink from animals than humans when u can pick what u prefer

it would be cool if like somewhere down the line you meet some kid who looks like Silas and you can like befriend him and choose turn him or whatever… that’d be cool

I think he dies no matter what you do. Kinda like how the crew will always mutiny in Broadsides.


If you’re talking about the crew of Defender, they don’t *always* mutiny (or at least to the point of trying to kill you), but it’s really hard to get them not to.


Really what do you have to do to get them not to mutiny. I have never lossed that point in the game but I never not get the mutiny.

It really depends on your actions. For one, working them as hard as they can by cleaning the ship completely then practicing gunnery makes them pretty happy. My method is to always try to keep them disciplined and happy all the time, then not arrest/kill anyone when Carter dies.

I’m kinda late on this but… both lovers Die as far as I know…simple as that… its depressing for me when the voodoo African girl dies…no matter what I did…


Clotho doesn’t have to die,I can keep her alive…but thats my little secret.

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Are you talking about something that has to do with the message she leaves you implying she didn’t die and lived on somehow, or am I over-speculating this “secret” you hold…?

Lol you don’t get his joke… his name is Death… you know? The grim reaper… I’m assuming he’s keeping her alive because he Death… get it? Lol small little joke death got… :stuck_out_tongue:

Accually, there ARE 3 ways to keep her alive. 1. don’t date her, 2. or date her and DON’T make her a vampire, 3. It’s kind of complicated, no. 3 is the best yet longest way to keep her alive, it is for me to know and you to find out.

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I now have the resolve to attempt to keep Clotho alive.

I want to be with her and keep alive … If you don’t make her a vampire then she doesn’t stay with you… Either way its a fail… lol

heres what you do: establish a good relationship with Jesse or whatever his name is, remain loyal and cold, do not make an open relationship with Clotho, be savage, convince Jesse will be a good asset to the vampire army. (Clotho is a vampire!) Have an on/off relationship to avoid suspission.