Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1305]

One of the things that I mentioned in a blog post, but which received little response, was my interest in the ongoing refinement of the game. Specifically, if there is a moment where you would have liked to have had an option, but such a choice wasn’t offered (I don’t mean that it was greyed out… if you wanted to make a choice and it was greyed out, that’s a different matter), I want to hear about it. Also, if you feel like there are moments that don’t quite make sense, like people not responding to you correctly when you’re a priest or a Choctaw, please point that out.

That said, it’s best to give me screenshots, or actual clippings of dialogue, so I can know what you’re talking about/locate the issue.


is there any way to figure out who murdered or prevent the murder of your first middleman?


I don’t understand your question.


aww cud, wrong question. I was asking something about Broadsides, whoops.


Definitely, staying in that little village. I forget the name of it, but it was scripted for you to get kicked out. Me & the neighbors were in very nice relations.


Yeah, as MrYoungzman said…the village was great. Could use a little bit of elaboration in there. Maybe a proper fight with the priest, either physical or influential. Also you could go to Boston if you have to leave the village, just to have longer experience of the game. But I understand that it would benefit to pick one sire over others if that was the case.


The village was already put in, so I was thinking maybe we should have more opportunities for people to comment on our race in the game. I played through as a former female slave and didn’t notice any difference from a white female.


Actually, there isn’t even much difference between male and female. The only differences I can think of off the top of my head are the parts where you choose the stats, and with guidry and Silas.

@Kamer Is there a specific moment, though, where you thought that should have come in to play?


I wouldn’t say letting people staying in St.Charles indefinitely is a good idea…
but there should be chance for a dignified moving out instead of being chased away with pitchfork.

For example, a high enough Charm and Relationship would mean you’d be able to convince the villager to leave you in peace?

Or perhaps Intelligence + Shapeshifting to frame the priest as having dealings with devil (might need Stealth).

These with High Creation who designed a magnificent manor might simply get famous and met Samantha by chance and get “invited” to Vicksburg?

Streetwise might works, too. You *managed* to get the slaves cause a ruckus and thus found yourself lacking fellow villagers to feed on.

Perception might be able to help out too - you “sensed” the anger penting up in St.Charles earlier than most, and flee early, sold your pretty house / shack, and Anselm left to work for other villagers.

These with West might found themselves being visited by their maker for a warning can be a nice touch, too.

I don’t know, but the reason why people hated the end of Karlstein / St.Charles was that you are always humiliated badly in the end no matter how well you did.

If one can leave New Orleans in so many ways without being utterly humiliated, there should be some for the vampires who dwell in a quite little village.


BIG QUESTION. Something Ive been wanting to know for a long time. Is it possible to romance Samantha or Jesse?


“He [Your maker] addresses you, his voice dripping with reproach: ‘You left me in that croft, alone and wounded. I though that our love would transcend time. And yet you left me to die. Tell me, why should I not put an end to you right now?”–

Why does your maker act like he loves you, yet when you leave him for Clotho he is emotionless?-- Your maker sighs and agrees with Jesse that “being infatuated with your food was improper.”

On a second note, why would it matter if you’re a male or female when you’re a vampire. If I remember correctly neither parts work. If you are going to establish any differences then do so only in the parts that involve humans.


I don’t have time to make an exact quote, but the village is a nice example. It could be possible that the man that when the villagers ask for your help to fight off the muskrats, they make different comments on your race as to why you would be suited to this task (ex. Being French, you are more charming and it is easier for you to cut a deal for exterminators).

Another place could be with other vampires. If you think about it, there’s no reason why some vampires wouldn’t be a little racist or sexist. Just because they’re immortal and all doesnt necessarily mean they shook off old traditions. That even could be shown in ones own vampire, because it is after all a variable possible for the Adaption/Anachronism bar (ex. High adaption = less racism/sexism, less likely to treat others badly for being different)

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@Sovereign2Lilith That is an excellent observation, exactly of the sort I am asking for. Thank you. Please seek out others.

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@Sovereign2Lilith Make sure to play 1.2.5 once it’s released, and let me know what you think of the changes.


When you choose West as your maker, abandon him, and go to the city Quaestor Pieter Van der Ahe becomes your new maker. It is not a big problem because he did teach you the Three Rules and does sort of take care of you, but it seems like “ He desired me once. He will do so again.” Is too strong a statement when all that you did for him was listen to him and take care of Cecil.
When he says “It has been some time since we indulged together, hasn’t it?” I don’t remember ever feeding together with him.
“Upon reaching New Orleans, you meet Pieter Van der Ahe, a vampire of some age. He seems overjoyed to have another vampire in his city, especially one that pretends to listen to him, and he decides not to ask too many questions about your absent maker.”
“Oh, nothing. Your elder broodmate, Jesse Whitaker. He would never have assented so quickly. That is why I prefer your company to his.”


@Sovereign2Lilith Fixed the West/Van der Ahe-as-Quaestor broodmate issue. Good catch.

Can’t find the “desired me once” line, or the “indulged together”. Can you provide some more context?


@jasonstevanhill “Van der Ahe. He desired me once. He will do so again.” Is a choice.
"As the 1820s march forward, the question of how you are going to position yourself in the Society of New Orleans becomes ever more important. Van der Ahe accords you the respect that is due you. Which is to say, when you speak, he pauses long enough to listen, as long as you keep your sentences short and to the point. Your relationship with Jesse is little better. Though he does not move against you openly, it is clear that he does not consider you a friend.

Things with Estefania are much the same. Though she does not openly revile you, you sense that it would not take much to condemn yourself in her eyes.

Whom would you like to approach? " Is above it.( That will change based on the favor you have with them, and I think it will say something else if he already likes you too much)
Clicking on that choice will give you other choices. Choose “I propose that we feed together.” Click on any of the choices after that then “It has been some time since we indulged together, hasn’t it?” will appear.


@Sovereign2Lilith Actually, this bug is fixed by the correcting the earlier problem.

“The time comes for you to put your feelings into words. A terrifying prospect, even more so for a creature of the night. … Perhaps you should end things, before some tragedy befalls you both? –
'I have met someone else. This thing between us is over.”---- .”I hope that this person is worth of your affection. ‘With that, she [ Clotho] excuses herself, choking back the tears. You feel yourself crushed as she leaves your presence. “

“You rush to the street, looking in both directions for any sign of her. A crowd has gathered at the corner, while the driver of a carriage busies himself trying to settle his horses. With a mounting sense of denial, you make your way through the crowd until you can see Clotho, still trying to breathe though her chest has been crushed. You push through the last of the bystanders, and rush to her side, taking her head into you hands as her eyes close for the final time.”

I chose to break up with Clotho by saying I had found another. She then died. I know it is possible that someone found out about us, and I did let M. Hébert live after he read her letter, but there was no sign that any of the other vampires knew or killed her. There were options about Clotho when you were trying to improve your favor with the other vampires, and even though your reason for trying to improve favor with Jesse ( ex: “I wish for him to know that I bear no ill will over the demise of Clotho. ‘) implies that he knows Clotho, his answer to your question about Savannah seems like he does not.

“Have you ever fallen in love, Aaron?” You hesitate before responding, which Jesse takes as an affirmative. “Well, so have I. Only, our dear dominus did not approve. He sought to straighten me where I had erred.”