Choice of The Vampire: The Ultimate GUIDE!?

I have started a guide!

It’s really at the beginning, but just wanted to share it around and hear some thoughts.
Also would like to extend a question, does the name of the character matter at all, like is there events that can happen if you pick a certain name?

If you want to help me make this, please let me know!

EDIT: I am trying to edit the google sheets as I go forward, but it’s a very slow progress. If you wish to help, you can by recording your choices and stat changes and how you got an achievement.

EDIT2: Well, apparently there is a lot more variables in the code that I realized, so i guess this was a bust. No wonder no one has made a guide for the game yet ;_;


It’s very nice of you to do this! It’s much easier to use than trawling through the code. I would, however, suggest noting the changes as they’re written in the code, accessible here: Index of /vampire3/scenes (the game starts with neworleans.txt).

For instance, instead of putting:

Agility +1, Charm +1, Perception +1, Stealth +1,
Communalism +4%, Wealth to 3000


Agility +1, Charm +1, Perception +1, Stealth +1, Communalism +10% (although the code refers to it as Independence, since all the opposing stat names are switched around), Wealth +2500, French, English, Ethnicity: Choctaw

To answer your question:
If the MC’s name is a variant of Theresa, they get a +5% relationship boost with Overstreet (for sharing a first name). Some of the names also have the archaic tag, which means they’ll eventually stick out as very old-fashioned/unusual.


Thanks for the reply! I really have no idea how to see the code and how to read it so I really wanted to make it more clearer lol. Im just playing through it and writing down the stat changes of every choice.

Also yeah i’ll change the wealth to show like that! The language/Ethnicity is very hard to add since I have limited space in each cell, but I see what I can do. I am not sure what you mean with the Communalism/Independence though? why would it be +10% in that point :thinking: and they are reversed in the code? that’s weird.

Thanks for the answer! I dont think I need to write the names down then, as the effects of it are minimal.

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This is a quirk of ChoiceScript. All of the stats split into a red and blue bar are what are called “opposed pairs”, meaning its one variable that gets displayed as two stats. So an increase in Independence is a decrease in Communalism by the same amount always. However, because its technically the same variable counting from 1-100, it needs to have one name to go by, which is the variable on the right.


Okay, thanks for explaining. though i dont think that will be necessary for my guide as I wont be reading any of the code, as I dont understand/know how to read it anyways :smiley:
I will just be reading the stats page with my own adding.

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Unfortunately doing it that way will always be wrong, looking at the guide I see you are unfamiliar with the concept of “fairmath”, which all the personality and relationship stats use. For example, here is what the first three choices of the game actually look like under the hood:

Everything with a percent sign in front of the change uses the fairmath formula to calculate how much your stat actually increases or decreases, which is as follows (x is how much of a variable you start with, and y being how much it is changing):
addition: round(x+((100-x) (y/100)))
subtraction: round(x-(x(y/100)))

This system exists to allow for less extreme changes towards high/low amounts of a variable, and more extreme towards the middle. Also it prevents going above 100 and below 1, as otherwise you could easily get well above or below either.

Finally, there are several important variables that simply aren’t shown on the stats page, and can only be properly viewed in the code, such as here with “sire_rapport”, which is how much your sire likes you.

P.S. Your Sire lusting after you increases Status by one.


cant really help it because I dont understand any of that lol

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It increased status for me 5 times and Streetwise once but increased perception for my friend. It’s not always status.

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If you kill your sire or your sire is West it gives you something else, otherwise it’s always status. Also available origins are limited by sire, with West being the most limiting.


well i guess my guide is useless then, if there is so many variables.

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I just find it incredibly annoying that there is not a single guide for achievements or anythign anywhere, but now I can see why… :frowning:

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I don’t think it’s useless but it definitely would be a much much bigger project than you likely thought. I’ve actually thought about doing something similar myself.

If you have a question about a specific achievement I can probably help you.


I definitely cant do this alone and since I understand nothing of the code, my work is useless lol

and no, I dont have any specific achievements, I just want to get them all and its frustrating.

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I know the feeling, I have the same problem, as I was really confused on why some options are excluded despite the fact that I didn’t really pick anything that would exclude anything, this thread kind of answered my question and also made me want to learn code.

And for that record-what kind of scats do I need to get the “resist the urge to feed” option, in particular I picked the same choices I did last time and gotten that option, so what happened was it bug?

Here are stats I have right now (yes I picked the southern one.)

Vampire Name: Lucille Foster
Maker: Padre Carlos
Choice of Prey: Anything Goes
Income (US$2012): 35
Wealth (US$2012): 85500

Literate? Yes.
Language(s): English, French.

Choice of the Vampire
by Jason Stevan Hill
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Choice of the Vampire
Vampire Name: Lucille Foster
Maker: Padre Carlos
Choice of Prey: Anything Goes
Income (US$2012): 35
Wealth (US$2012): 85500

Literate? Yes.
Language(s): English, French.

Agility: 2
Charm: 2
Intelligence: 2
Strength: 2
Willpower: 1
Creation: 0
Fighting: 0
Finance: 0
Lore: 0
Perception: 2
Shapeshifting: 0
Stealth: 0
Status: 0
Streetwise: 0
Technology: 1

Adaptation: 99%
Anachronism: 1%
Callousness: 26%
Compassion: 74%
Hubris: 38%
Discretion: 62%
Communalism: 67%
Independence: 33%
Superstition: 80%
Rationalism: 20%

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Specifically to resist the urge to feed at the start you need more than 65 compassion and more than 1 Willpower. Later, if you want to become a vegetarian (feeding from animals), you need more than 2 Willpower, more than 60 Compassion, and to have resisted feeding at the start.

As a side note, its best to lie to Estefania if you intend to go this route, she does not appreciate Vegetarians

You are correct, I had my timeline backwards. Annoyingly, there is dialogue for Maffi if you are a Vegetarian, which should be impossible. This happens a lot, with checks that are impossible to meet but are otherwise fully implemented. I’m still not sure if I like it or not, on the one hand they are fun easter eggs for code divers like myself, but on the other hand they are a pain sometimes.


You don’t have to resist feeding to find out about vegeterianism, you can also learn about it from Maffi by asking about her dominus and then asking her to explain what she means by saying he’s a monster.

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Thanks so much :), sorry for how late I was (I thought I lost my internet but turns it was just airplane mode.)

So far, instead of only adding a new Chapter Jason likes to go back and tie up loose ends from storylines that were started and suddenly disappear. Those easter eggs are probably an indications that new content will be added to that section.

Yo, the hardest part of any project/goal is getting started and you CRUSHED IT!

:bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

Adding to @apple said, you were (most likely) overwhelmed when you realized the number of variables involved. I would suggest focusing (when you start) on the choices/options that give a simple +1 to a stat. You were making progress with that at the character creation.


This was very helpful, thank you!