Why can't you romance Silas while playing as a Choctaw?

Even after I selected that I learned how to read and write the option was still blanked out. can’t there just be another native American vampire or human I could hook my Choctaw guy up with?

I often play as Choctaw, I’ve never been unable to hook up with Silas. Do you have very little compassion in the game?

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I second Bikkje.

I couldn’t too

I threw the doll into the river…in another go I didn’t throw it but I was manipulative to the st. Charles people till I got run outta town, got them to fear and respect me first though, Is it just cuz he’s a solider and my guy is a Native? why are there no options for the Choctaw?

No, its just because your cruelty level is too high.


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sorry I just did not get why it is impossible and the only other option is clotho…

@RoseQueenKamijo I’m not sure what you’re talking about. There shouldn’t be anything related to ethnicity preventing you from romancing Silas.

For me sometimes I can’t romance Silas because of my choices made earlier in the game in regards to high cruelty or solitude and it’s not focused on just Choctaw. I’ve had it happen with a Free Person from New Orleans and the German from St. Charles and the Irish Scotch/Irish.

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